HTC Sensation, Wildfire S: Now what's the fuss here, really

It was one of those uneventful weeks that passed, but before the month ended, I got a little piece of fervidness as I got a glimpse of HTC’s two latest products, the HTC Sensation and HTC Wildfire S. The truth is, I was really looking forward to seeing these two as my love for Android started with HTC. It was way back when the “original” Wildfire was introduced and needless to say, I had good memories of it.

The HTC Wildfire totally had a fresh make-over. Physically, from its youthful spunk last year came a totally revamped more serious look; hence the Wildfire S. It is smaller, slimmer and lighter and just like its precursor, Wildfire S still posses a 3.2 inch display.

I wasn’t able to see much difference in its resolution although it should have had improved to 320 x 480. Oh well, it did however came with a handful of upgrades like its processor now at 600 Hz Qualcomm MSM 7227 and Android 2.4 Gingerbread for its software. I guess the only feature that made quite a difference and truly worth mentioning would be the capacity of its 5 MP camera to capture hi-def 720p video.