Samsung infusion, 4G is thinnest mobile phone detail

YOU like the Android phones are thin and widescreen, try to select the Samsung 4G infusion (SGH-i997).Having announced in February 2011 and then, finally officially sell infusion Samsung 4G. In the inaugural launch, the vendor is holding AT & T as an operator in the United States. This touch screen phone is a Samsung phone with the most wide screen measuring 4.5 inches.

Magnitude 1.2 GHz processor and use the Android operating system 2.2. A special, this phone is already using the latest technology to Samsung, the Samsung Super AMOLED ™ Plus Technology. This technology presents a more sharply contrasting colors because the more the number of subpixels.

Infuse the 4G is the thinnest phone with a thickness of only 8.9 mm or about 0.35 inches. Compare with similar 4G mobile above 9 mm thick. Although slim, infuse a 8MP camera and front camera that allows video chat. Camera resolution 1280x720p (720p HD) to record images and video. This phone has a battery as strong 1.750mAh and memory that can be enlarged up to 16 GB, users can be satisfied surf.