Potential to compete with HTC's iPhone

Apple has not announced the presence of 5 as the successor to the iPhone iPhone 4 that is sufficient excuse. This situation is considered to be profitable competitors such as HTC.

some handsets made ​​by HTC reportedly began outselling the iPhone 4. This occurs in a stable iPhone, the United States.

In the United States, most mobile phones sold by bundling system by the operator. Well, sales of HTC phones and the iPhone is not far adrift lately. Mainly because the HTC upgrade cell phone while iPhone is still stuck at version 4.

HTC Thunderbolt runner-up entry in the best-selling smartphones in Verizon service. He shadowing iPhone 4 versions that are still top-selling CDMA. While HTC Inspire 4G even become the best selling mobile phone output in a row by AT & T.

With the absence of a new generation of iPhone, HTC is deemed to have the opportunity to shorten the distance or even topple the iPhone 4. But indeed it is not easily achieved.

For names like Samsung, Motorola and LG are also not stay silent. Especially Samsung as a whole is a vendor with the most mobile phone sales in the U.S.. They are preparing to enter a brand-new heroes into the U.S. market, namely S Galaxy II.