Also Can Be Used mobile Jewelry

For urban communities, electronic waste continues to be mounting its own problems. Including phones that had been developed model and technology.

If you like to replace the phone, chances are you store unused cell phone in your home. Rather than letting the phone 'former' is scattered, it's good phone recycling. In addition to reducing the raw material as well as greenhouse gases, recycling mobile phones can also produce a variety of useful products ranging from chairs, tables and even jewelry.

In general, mobile phones consist of materials such as metal frame, plastic frame, lithium ion batteries, circuit boards, LCD panels and keyboards or keypads. All this material will first be separated for further processing,

For example recycle batteries. The initial phase should be done is destroy the battery and separate the magnetic elements of the battery.This process will produce non-iron metal and iron metal. Of non-iron metals we will do filtering plastic, paper, sheets of copper and black solids that contain cobalt, lithium and carbon to produce flour cobalt and lithium concentrations.

So is the case with the circuit board (printed circuit board / PCB). First of all PCB crushed and compressed into flour PCB. Once it is done electrostatic separation. This process will result in non-metallic element that can be channeled into the process of recycling plastic, or metal elements of metal ingots as raw material for industry