2.7 Billion Pounds value for Used mobile phones in Britain

unexpectedly...second hand phone in Britain wort 2.7 Billion Pounds value,at least 32 percent of Britons do not realize that they can recycle old mobile phones and their old phones.

Orange is one of the main operators for mobile and broadband internet services in Europe. The study was conducted by Orange to promote mobile phone recycling scheme from them.

The study was based on the theory that all people in the UK have used mobile phones that they can recycle. It was reported that in Britain there are more mobile phones than people.

The study says that 40 percent of users never recycles mobile phones and 24 per cent mark again never considered the possibility.

Orange said the service offers recycling their handsets costing an average of 45 pounds, and can sometimes reach 252 pounds.

The study also reveals that one in 10 people are taking an old phone for personal reasons. These reasons also rose to 23 percent for the 18-24 years old.