Samsung Solstice II

The Samsung Solstice (Free, 3 stars) was a decent if unremarkable touch-screen cell phone. The revised model, unceremoniously dubbed the Solstice II ($29.99-179.99), continues the same tradition. It's a very modest refresh; the changes are confined to some styling and feature tweaks and improved global roaming options. Unfortunately, that's not enough to stand out in a sea of other choices on AT&T, especially because of AT&T's expensive service plans and cheap smartphones.

Design and Call Quality
The Samsung Solstice II measures 4.3 by 2.1 by 0.5 inches (HWD) and weighs 3.4 ounces. It's made entirely of cheap-feeling plastic, but the textured silver accent band and soft-touch back panel give the phone a touch of style. The 3-inch, 240-by-400-pixel, plastic resistive touch screen was suitably bright and colorful. Three function buttons beneath the screen handle Send, End, and Back duties. Since the End key doubles as the power button, an extra hardware lock slider on the top right edge lets you put the phone away quickly, The on-screen QWERTY keyboard was a bit cramped thanks to the smallish screen, but a touch of haptic feedback helped keep my typing reasonably accurate.

The Solstice II is a quad-band EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and tri-band HSDPA 7.2 (850/1900/2100 MHz) device, meaning that it can hit 3G data speeds both here and overseas. The tri-band capability is new; the original lacked overseas 3G support. There's no Wi-Fi, but that's typical of feature phones like this one.

Overall, voice quality was mixed. Callers sounded thin in the earpiece, with too much upper midrange. Callers said I sounded OK, but not as clear as I do on other AT&T phones. Reception was also subpar; a number of calls descended into computery-sounding distortions at times, despite the average-strength AT&T coverage area I tested the phone in.

Service Provider
Screen Size
3 inches
Screen Details
240-by-400-pixel, 65K color plastic resistive TFT LCD touch screen
850, 900, 1800, 1900, 2100
High-Speed Data


Calls sounded fine through an Aliph Jawbone Icon ($99, 4 stars) Bluetooth headset. Voice dialing worked well over Bluetooth without training. The speakerphone lacked sufficient oomph for use outdoors, and still sounded distorted anyway. Battery life was great at 6 hours and 28 minutes of talk time.

User Interface and Apps
The home screen has three customizable panels, plus a pullout TouchWiz 2.0 bar on the left, in typical Samsung fashion. Meanwhile, the main menu consists of three screens you can swipe between, with a total of 34 icons. A Customize button at the top adds a fourth panel, and gives you the option of removing some of the icons—but sadly, AT&T's usual payload of bloatware is burned in. Click on the wrong icon—say, for the app Where—and you'll sign yourself up for extra monthly charges before you even get to try it out.

That said, the Solstice is a fine messaging and social networking companion. Text messages are threaded. AT&T Social Net hooks into Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace accounts, and can also aggregate status updates in a single page view. The preloaded, rebranded Opera Mini Web browser did a fine job with both WAP and desktop HTML pages, but it took two steps to enter each URL for some reason. The TeleNav-powered AT&T Navigator offers voice-enabled, turn-by-turn directions for an extra $10 per month. AT&T Mobile E-mail and IM clients provide extra-cost access to Web mail and IM accounts; we say skip 'em and use the browser-based versions for free (at least for e-mail).

Touch & Swipe with Nokia N9

The presence of Nokia N9 main attraction of visitors Nokia Connection 2011. In addition to being the first Nokia phone MeeGo, N9 is very attractive with a full touch screen display and an easy swipe of his operation.

If you look at the designs at a glance, you'd think N9 difficult to transport. Moreover, its almost perfect box. But N9 was very comfortable to grip, because it has a gentle curve in the corners. In addition, with a large enough size, N9 has a light weight (135 grams) so it will not interfere with the mobility of users.

3.9-inch screen with 854x480 resolution layer and make AMOLED displays graphical N9 very satisfactory. Moreover, the lack of water gap on the screen to make sure each color in the photos and video recordings performed optimally.

In his presentation, Nokia really able to put forward the operation of the N9 which allows users to swipe motion. With just one swipe motion users can access the three main screens in the form of menus, notification and update social media, as well as an open application that displays all the applications you use. As a result, the hassles when you will not have to take a call during the middle to open the application, because the N9 will store all recently accessed applications.

In addition, the N9 is also equipped with a high resolution camera is 8 megapixels, so users can enjoy the images that approach the pocket cameras in general.

One thing that is the main attraction is the use of technology N9 Near Field Communication (NFC). Legal Tuesday it had tested the feature by connecting to a wireless speaker output N9 Nokia, Nokia Life 360. Only by attaching N9 up the speakers, users can listen to music stored in your phone through the speakers without having to be bothered with a cable connection. To turn it off, you just put back on the speakers N9.

Nokia provides three options for N9 attractive colors, namely black, cyan and magenta with a storage capacity of 16GB and 64GB.

HTC Sensation 4G on T-Mobile First Look

Our HTC Sensation 4G on T-Mobile US has arrived, and it's one nice Android smartphone. We've been every so eagerly looking forward to the Sensation as a serious competitor to the LG G2X on T-Mobile. Both are large screen, dual core beasts, but HTC brings their Sense 3.0 software, a 4.3" qHD 540 x 960 display to the table, and it's the first US phone with a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU running at 1.2GHz.

The Sensation is HTC's follow-up to the excellent MyTouch 4G, and it looks like a more professional model than the somewhat cute-and-cuddly MyTouch. It's a gray slab phone with a gray, cosmetic stripe up the middle of the back. The Sensation is comfortable to hold, and it's similar in size to Verizon's HTC Thunderbolt, although it's thinner.

Build and design are typical HTC: very good materials with their modern, understated look. The back cover is very interesting: it wraps around the sides of the phone and has several metal contacts. Remove the cover and the phone turns off the cell radio because we assume it passes too much interference without the cover and the FCC might not like that.

All of the Sensation's specs have been boosted from the previous model, except one. The phone has a super-sharp, super 4.3-inch 960-by-540 LCD screen and a Qualcomm dual-core 1.2-Ghz Snapdragon processor. It runs Android Gingerbread 2.4, and has an 8-megapixel camera on the back capable of recording 1920-by-1080 video at 30 frames per second. There's a VGA front-facing camera for video chat, an HDMI output port, 1GB of built-in storage along with a MicroSD card slot, and a very strong 1520 mAh battery keeping it all running. It will be very interesting to compare this to the somewhat similar LG G2x, another high-end, dual-core Android phone arriving on T-Mobile soon.

The new Qualcomm processor brings a bunch of side benefits. Far better graphics processing means the Sensation's Sense 3.0 interface is festooned with little bits of 3D. No, it's not the headache-inducing real 3D I've seen on the HTC EVO 3D—and that's a good thing. Rather, it's just 3D-ish effects on the 2D screen, like having a home screen where images fly behind each other, and some striking 3D weather displays. The camera is also much faster. According to HTC, you couldn't do any of that smoothly on previous processors.

The missing spec is 4G. Like the MyTouch "4G," the Sensation only connects to the Web at HSPA+ 14.4—which is short of the HSPA+ 21 that T-Mobile's own chief network officer has said should be a minimum for 4G.

HTC has enhanced its HTC Sense Android UI in many small ways. Most immediately, there are a bunch of useful custom lock screens. The phone's locked screen can show social-networking updates, your favorite pictures, the weather or useful app shortcuts; if you drag a shortcut to the bottom of the screen, it starts the app. HTC will offer more lock screens in the future, reps said.

Other small, useful touches include a better-looking SMS app and an email app that previews each message in your message list. The virtual keyboard's prediction powers have been enhanced, but sadly, there's no Swype here.

As a T-Mobile phone, all the usual T-Mobile apps are here, including T-Mobile's Wi-Fi calling and T-Mobile TV. But HTC adds HTC Watch, a movie and TV store that HTC insists, yes, will come to the United States. Watch starts with a pretty thin library of about 600 movies and relatively few TV shows, but it will grow, HTC says. You'll be able to rent and buy programs, and progressive downloading means you'll be able to watch stuff as it's downloading. But the company didn't give any details about how much movies would cost.

We've come to expect refined Android experiences from HTC, and the Sensation delivers. Without resorting to gimmickry like those not-ready-for-prime-time 3D screens, the Sensation looks like it has what most people want in a high-end Android phone: good-looking apps, a sharp screen, fast performance and a lot of easy-to-use little touches. I came away from an hour with the phone impressed.

LG Optimus 2X P990 new image and information

Running two 1GHz Tegra chipset, 2x Optimus LG is the world's first smartphone with dual-core CPU. But the insane amount of horsepower is not the only thing going for 2x Optimus; 4 "LCD touch screen, 8MP camera, 1080p HD video recording, 8GB internal storage and Android 2.2 Froyo all present and accounted for in 2x Optimus.

But it is worth the extra horsepower? What is smart phone that lives in your pocket needs to have a lot of computing power? If you get a dual core rather than other smart phones like the sensation of HTC, Samsung Galaxy S II and Atrix Motorola?

The 10 second review:

*Device: LG Optimus 2x (LG-P990)
*Price: Around £402 including VAT
*Summary: A incredibly fast smart phone thanks to the dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset but also has greatfeatures such as 1080p video recording, 8MP camera and HDMI mirroring but the software holds it back.
*Best of: Speed, screen, Browser, HDMI mirroring
*Worst of: Lagging and sometimes buggy Android skin, every app doesn't take advantage of the dual-core power,Buy it now from Clove technology.

What is in the box?"this detail of in the box,Battery,USB UK 3-Pin Mains Charger,USB to Micro-USB sync/charge cable ,HDMI to Micro-HDMI cable,Getting started guide ,and Wired Earphones".

this detail of LG Optimus 2X P990

model of LG Optimus 2X P990,ndroid Version 2.2 (Froyo) [2.3 Gingerbread update expected after release] for Operating System,1Ghz Dual Core nVidia Tegra2 AP20H for Processor,MicroSDHC Capacity (Up to) 32GB for Expansion Slot,512MB for RAM,Capacity 8GB for Internal Storage,4" TFT-LCD Capacitive touch screen 480 x 800 for Display/Screen,Frequencies 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz for GSM/GPRS,Frequencies 900/2100 MHz for 3G/HSPA,2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate, A2DP for Bluetooth,IEEE 802.11 b/g/n for Wi-Fi,8 Megapixels Autofocus and LED flash, Recording 1080p@24fps, 720@30fps for Camera,1.3MP for Front Facing Camera and Capacity 1500 mAh for Battery.

Also Can Be Used mobile Jewelry

For urban communities, electronic waste continues to be mounting its own problems. Including phones that had been developed model and technology.

If you like to replace the phone, chances are you store unused cell phone in your home. Rather than letting the phone 'former' is scattered, it's good phone recycling. In addition to reducing the raw material as well as greenhouse gases, recycling mobile phones can also produce a variety of useful products ranging from chairs, tables and even jewelry.

In general, mobile phones consist of materials such as metal frame, plastic frame, lithium ion batteries, circuit boards, LCD panels and keyboards or keypads. All this material will first be separated for further processing,

For example recycle batteries. The initial phase should be done is destroy the battery and separate the magnetic elements of the battery.This process will produce non-iron metal and iron metal. Of non-iron metals we will do filtering plastic, paper, sheets of copper and black solids that contain cobalt, lithium and carbon to produce flour cobalt and lithium concentrations.

So is the case with the circuit board (printed circuit board / PCB). First of all PCB crushed and compressed into flour PCB. Once it is done electrostatic separation. This process will result in non-metallic element that can be channeled into the process of recycling plastic, or metal elements of metal ingots as raw material for industry

Potential to compete with HTC's iPhone

Apple has not announced the presence of 5 as the successor to the iPhone iPhone 4 that is sufficient excuse. This situation is considered to be profitable competitors such as HTC.

some handsets made ​​by HTC reportedly began outselling the iPhone 4. This occurs in a stable iPhone, the United States.

In the United States, most mobile phones sold by bundling system by the operator. Well, sales of HTC phones and the iPhone is not far adrift lately. Mainly because the HTC upgrade cell phone while iPhone is still stuck at version 4.

HTC Thunderbolt runner-up entry in the best-selling smartphones in Verizon service. He shadowing iPhone 4 versions that are still top-selling CDMA. While HTC Inspire 4G even become the best selling mobile phone output in a row by AT & T.

With the absence of a new generation of iPhone, HTC is deemed to have the opportunity to shorten the distance or even topple the iPhone 4. But indeed it is not easily achieved.

For names like Samsung, Motorola and LG are also not stay silent. Especially Samsung as a whole is a vendor with the most mobile phone sales in the U.S.. They are preparing to enter a brand-new heroes into the U.S. market, namely S Galaxy II.

Best Android applications To help Your Work

The most effective Android programs To Assistance Your Function. Right now not merely a review of the certain app however the app at no cost but any assistance and / or spend around the planet of operate, especially for your management of paperwork to acquire a click on on our Droid each of the prospects in your house or business office you have a Personal computer. permit see the android applications which you have to put in in your smartphones.

Open Office Document Reader

Google Docs:you can download google docs here

PDF Viewer: you can download PDF Viewer here

Business Calendar: download Business Calendar here

OI File Manager: download OI File Manager: here

ezPDF Reader: download ezPDF Reader here

Compass & Level: you can download Compass & Level here

Motorola Titanium The New Android ultra resistant

Motorola Titanium The newest Android ultra resistant. The producer Motorola has manufactured ??official the brand new smartphone Titanium , a smartphone with candybar QWERTY physical keyboard which makes the power and solidity from the key strengths. It ‘has, when you can picture, the military certification 810G as well as a shell is incredibly resistant to shock, stress, photo voltaic radiation, temperature anomalies, drops, dust, h2o and sand.

E ‘with assist for Wi-Fi networks, too as for Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The display can be a capacitive touchscreen, which has a diagonal of three.1 inches plus a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. The camera’s built-Titanium can be a 5 Megapixel camera , full with autofocus, LED flash and digital zoom capabilities for videorecording.

In addition, it has a 3.five mm input jack for headphones, the accelerometer, compass, GPS / A-GPS and an internal memory enlargement slot compatible with microSD / microSDHC, as much as a as much as 32 GB. The internal memory, nonetheless, amounts to 512 MB.

Distinctive alternative to utilize the Android 2.1 Eclair to the unit: it is, in reality, a edition relatively “outdated” and isn't going to but know in the event the Titanium could be up-to-date at the very least until Froyo. Do not nevertheless know the official cost with the smartphone and, within the start need to take place while in the coming months in the States.

SpIndosat Blackberry Capability Now Reaches 100 Mbps reviews

Continued dedication to offer satisfaction to buyers and also ease for accessibility CHATTING using the BlackBerry services really should be more rapidly. Because, Indosat has begun expanding ability Accessibility Pace ??Indosat BlackBerry to enjoy entry faster after Indosat to increase the particular capacity for it is link to your RIM (Study In Movement) coming from fifty Mbps to a hundred Mbps, an increase of about one hundred percent for it's authentic ability.

We constantly try to supply usefulness and flexibility for it is consumers access Blackberry Indosat, specially during Ramadan and also Lebaran is going property, in order that customers could enjoy use of providers more rapidly as well as reliable when traveling back and forth with my family and family members.

Efforts to extend this potential is a continuation from the website link capability that's been completed from 20 to 50 Mbps to one hundred Mbps Mbps.Peningkatan can be much more firmly established place as a pioneer for Indosat's BlackBerry providers in Indonesia, that has a capability backbone towards the rim of Indonesia's most significant as well as guarantee the actual reliability with the BlackBerry support heading house during the Ramadhan and also Idul Fitri period.

Growing the particular capability backbone to this RIM Indosat additionally carried out as aspect of a trend around anticipation of the addition of BlackBerry clients within Indonesia. Indosat own BlackBerry subscribers right now continues to knowledge a significant boost every so often. Escalating the actual potential essential to meet bandwidth needs, particularly the website link for the rim in order that services rendered undoubtedly have a maximum entry speed and also fulfilling buyers.

While IM2 totally free wi-fi compatability access amenities is an extra characteristic around the BlackBerry support on Demand (BoD) and also BlackBerry World wide web Support Month to month. No cost wi-fi compatability access is available inside all the hotspots IM2.

Samsung infusion, 4G is thinnest mobile phone detail

YOU like the Android phones are thin and widescreen, try to select the Samsung 4G infusion (SGH-i997).Having announced in February 2011 and then, finally officially sell infusion Samsung 4G. In the inaugural launch, the vendor is holding AT & T as an operator in the United States. This touch screen phone is a Samsung phone with the most wide screen measuring 4.5 inches.

Magnitude 1.2 GHz processor and use the Android operating system 2.2. A special, this phone is already using the latest technology to Samsung, the Samsung Super AMOLED ™ Plus Technology. This technology presents a more sharply contrasting colors because the more the number of subpixels.

Infuse the 4G is the thinnest phone with a thickness of only 8.9 mm or about 0.35 inches. Compare with similar 4G mobile above 9 mm thick. Although slim, infuse a 8MP camera and front camera that allows video chat. Camera resolution 1280x720p (720p HD) to record images and video. This phone has a battery as strong 1.750mAh and memory that can be enlarged up to 16 GB, users can be satisfied surf.

Genius Tablet Nexian Presents NX A7500 evaluations

Nexian yet again showed a true existence inside launching goods which can be at this time emerging smartphone mentioned. Inside enhancement of your telecommunications entire world, the platform for Android Operating Process is not really unique any more.

Genius Tablet Nexian Presents NX A7500 outfitted using wifi and also three.5G Interaction to ensure the actual pace for information accessibility ought to not remain doubted.The phone-based running process Android 2.2 Froyo having 600MHz processor chip speed that is definitely output Qualcomm chipset can also be supported online network relationship that is in a position to perform on network
GPRS / EDGE / WCDMA / HSPA. Nexian Genius can be outfitted having 2 MP digital camera, Bluetooth, GPS / AGPS, Micro SD Slot.

On top of that to apps that by now is inherited in the Running Procedure Android 2.two Froyo, Nexian Nexian Genius additionally full with a preloaded application portal News.

WD Presents Photo Viewer Application for Android & IOS

Western Digital (WD) announced the latest version of WD Photos image viewer application, which now can work with media center hub WD TV Live from Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or smartphone or tablet that is compatible with Android.

Users can create content with IOS or Android device and send it directly to anyone with a media center hub for WD Live TV broadcast and be enjoyed on the big screen.

In addition, WD Photos image viewer application enables users to access content stored in the media center Live TV WD Hub or network drive My Book Live through their portable devices remotely, anywhere in the world.

"Users WD Media Center Live TV Hub can store and play video files, photos, and music for 1TB and also can enjoy the best Internet services including Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and up, all without using a computer," said Dale Pistilli, Vice President of WD's branded products, as reported through its official statement on Monday

2.7 Billion Pounds value for Used mobile phones in Britain

unexpectedly...second hand phone in Britain wort 2.7 Billion Pounds value,at least 32 percent of Britons do not realize that they can recycle old mobile phones and their old phones.

Orange is one of the main operators for mobile and broadband internet services in Europe. The study was conducted by Orange to promote mobile phone recycling scheme from them.

The study was based on the theory that all people in the UK have used mobile phones that they can recycle. It was reported that in Britain there are more mobile phones than people.

The study says that 40 percent of users never recycles mobile phones and 24 per cent mark again never considered the possibility.

Orange said the service offers recycling their handsets costing an average of 45 pounds, and can sometimes reach 252 pounds.

The study also reveals that one in 10 people are taking an old phone for personal reasons. These reasons also rose to 23 percent for the 18-24 years old.

Flash Player for ipad

have ipad is a pride,as king of tablets,ipad always provide the best features to users.but behind the superiority of ipad,ipad still have weaknesses that is a Flash Player for ipad.many people who have iPads who are searching for an iPad flash player app.if you're looking for flash player for ipad apps,this is a some ipad flash player apps

1.Skyfire - Skyfire is the best ipad flah player apps,you can download Skyfire from the app store

2.Frash - Frash although not as good than Skyfire,frash is the best alternative for ipad flash player apps

Samsung Galaxy S II Greedily Unboxed

Samsung's latest ultra high-end Android Smartphone the Galaxy S II recently made it to India and found its way into our Tech2 Labs. Ok so it wasn't really a test piece, but when you've got a serious tech lover for a boss, one does tend to get products a little earlier than most others. So a brand new purchase was made by one of Tech2's own and we unboxed it. Here's a closer look at what the Samsung Galaxy S II comes packed with. via:

BlackBerry Bold 9900 launching date

different from the previous post where I bring good news about tablet Archos Android tablet release date and Toshiba Thrive Android 3.1 Honeycomb tablet reviews today I'll bring the news is less encouraging especially for blackberry fans and has waiting BlackBerry Bold 9900 launching date.from i get information BlackBerry Bold 9900 won’t launch until September.RIM announced that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 would be available in the “summer” from carrier’s globally when the product was unveiled at BlackBerry World.

Archos Android tablet release date

if the previous post i has writed Toshiba Thrive Android 3.1 Honeycomb tablet reviews now i will writed another tablet i has blogwalking and get news information about Archos Android tablet from Android tablet will be lounch in this mounth (last mounth), The announcement will come on June 23 in Paris.although I also have never,and no interest with Archos Android tablet,but i also waiting this announce

Toshiba Thrive Android 3.1 Honeycomb tablet reviews

Toshiba Thrive Android 3.1 will be avaiable in unites states tablet market on this july,Toshiba Thrive operated by Android 3.1 Honeycomb and playback Full HD 1080p video content will be avaiable on this tablet,Toshiba Thrive using Tefra 2 dual core processor and 10.1 inch 1280×800 touchscreen ,Toshiba Thrive additionaly 5 Megapixel main camera, and 2 Megapixel front camera,you can use front camera for video chat etc.Toshiba Thrive coming with differenc price and specs $429 for 8GBG, $479 for 16GB and $579 for 32GB,you can buy Toshiba Thrive Android 3.1 tablet in july on us market

Grandest Android phones from Sharp

Grandest Android phones from Sharp test doang kok mas :D

VXOOM 4G Delay Limps Previous Galaxy Tab 10.1 Kick off

When I bought the actual Motorola XOOM a few months back, I partially bought it with the knowledge that 4G could well be on the way. It might get the bothersome hardware upgrade to complete the process, however nevertheless it would come. Here we are numerous months later along with the contending Galaxy Tab regarding to kick off on Verizon with 4G capability and also approximately zero XOOM entrepreneurs have already been invited to upgrade their hardware.

What gives? Various sites need documented that Sanjay Jha, at a current tech conference, all however put the particular blame on NVIDIA’s Tegra two chipset- a problem we would contest. Talking regarding Motorola’s latest delays, Jha stated “betting every thing in a single place” as well as proposed later on they’ll wish to work with more chipset producers. Naturally the particular Motorola XOOM works Tegra two. Um, yeah, however so does the actual Galaxy Tab ten.1.

We obtained inside touch with our get in touch with on NVIDIA who emphatically dismissed the particular attribution of delay, expounding at a few truly good factors we’ve presently produced:

"Tegra has no compatibility problems using LTE in any respect. The actual Tegra-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab ten.1 4G LTE tablet operates in Verizon’s LTE network and it is a perfect example of Tegra working good w/ 4G LTE. Tegra 2 interfaces using quite a few types of modems via regular interfaces, such as LTE. There exists very little inherently unique regarding LTE so far as Tegra two is involved."

Taking into account the Galaxy Tab can also be operating Tegra 2 - and also operating this brilliantly - I come across this a little bit bit suspicious that NVIDIA would at any time have been blamed. Probably Jha meant Verizon. Or probably - and I believe it is most certainly - it's possible he was clamoring to come up having a few style of PR speak that may attribute the particular blame elsewhere without attributing it to every one particular entity. Seems regarding ideal.

I assume there are tons for irritated XOOM entrepreneurs that have extensive been expecting the actual 4G upgrade. And given the fact that the upgrade procedure is hardware intensive, are any for you nervous how that could go when you are eventually able to acquire the actual one-up to the up coming level? XOOM owners communicate today or forever hold your peace!

Verizon to start Samsung Galaxy Tab 4G inside coming weeks

Minutes right after we received the particular confirmation of Galaxy Tab Wifi edition kick off inside United states, Verizon declared that it can soon seem launching the actual 4G LTE version at it is network. It's the very same tablet however using 4G help.

“The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a good selection for prospects who want to delight in the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network - the actual quickest network within The united states,” explained Jeff Dietel, vice president of marketing for Verizon Wireless. “Customers may also make use of the Samsung Galaxy Tab wherever they're for the nation’s greatest 3G network.”

the value for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G for the 16GB model +/- $529.99 and also the amount of Samsung Galaxy Tab ten.1 4G for the 32GB model +/- $629.99 with this time.

Nokia N8 gets massive cost reduce, at this time more affordable than ever before!

Nokia N8 considering that 1st laying eyes on this previous February, but when you've managed to resist temptation all this time, your reward is usually that the Nokia N8's value has long been slashed by close to £100, in addition you obtain £50 for free video games to boot! Read through on for more details...

It may seem close to any year outdated at this time, however the Nokia N8 has stored it is appeal properly, thanks to a pleasantly eye-catching design, an awesome display screen and of course that 12-megapixel digital camera.

Look at out our Nokia N8 Reviews Roundup

As well as it however has a lot far more to supply, as in a very couple of months time it'll obtain the OS makeover when Symbian Anna heads out around the air to update the Symbian^3 running process that makes the particular Nokia N8 tick.

So whilst you can find newer faces in the Nokia line-up to contemplate, like the Nokia X7 or even the Nokia E7, you will find however over ample reason to go for the particular Nokia N8 - specifically now that Nokia has slashed it is selling price and thrown in the totally free video games bundle well worth £50.

Which is appropriate, the particular Nokia N8 is now heading for £339 SIM-free, a total £90 lower than its authentic asking value, in addition you get a complete heap of video games to keep you occupied, which includes top quality titles these kinds of as GT Racing: Motor Academy High definition and Sims 3 Hd.

The particular totally free games give extends across all Symbian^3 smartphones purchased ahead of the actual stop of July, such as the actual Nokia C6-01, the actual Nokia C7, the actual Nokia E7 and naturally the particular Nokia N8.

Nokia N9 Teaser Video clip On line

The particular device includes a physical slide-out key pad with adequate spacing round the switches, that is commendable, thinking about the truth that most devices that has a related type factor need keys uncomfortably close to each other. Reports moreover advise the machine can feature any 12 Megapixel camera at board. Nevertheless, there is even now considerable doubt regarding the running procedure being used. Early rumours claimed the N9 would mark the re-arrival for Intel's MeeGo running technique. But the teaser video clip provides usa a hint that it could be working for the very anticipated Symbian Anna as an alternative.

Besides that nothing at all genuinely is apparent from your video. Several sources declare that we may see Nokia announcing as well as launching the particular N9 as early as next month. We'll should wait till next to have any clearer photo. Because Nokia will not start out promoting WP7 driven phones till 2012, this machine can effectively demonstrate to be the game-changer for Nokia till next.

The particular unique teaser video is considered down by following a request by Nokia Corporation citing copyright infringement. Right here is a further, trimmed model of your Nokia N9 teaser video clip in your viewing enjoyment. View this prior to this will get used down.

Nokia N9 in depth

Feel the actual Nokia N9 is dead simply because Nokia’s jumping around with Microsoft? Any recent FCC approval and also a leaked advert say or else. With no Windows Cell phone mobile because of this year, this appears similar to Nokia’s heading ahead using its initially (and also in all probability last) MeeGo system. Here’s what the actual modern news has dug up.

The FCC won’t allow it often be

Even though this had all gone somewhat tranquil on the Nokia N9 front, having Nokia evidently beavering away at its very first Windows Mobile phone handsets, an FCC approval document broke the actual silence previous week. This document connected to any system identified as the particular ‘Nokia RM-680,’ but the technical drawings go with up very closely with all the N9 machine that received any tear-down in Chinese website Baidu final 12 months.

However there is not substantially within the way of spec information here apart from the actual fact it’ll need assistance for Wi-Fi (surprisingly) as well as a bunch of mobile network bands. Hey, it’s the Federal Communications Commission, not the particular Federal Smartphone Specification Commission.

The important stage here is the fact that we've official documentation confirming that the N9 is still at it is way.

It’ll possess a 12 mega-pixel digital camera

During an individual level it absolutely was believed that the Nokia N9 would possess a 5-megapixel camera. Even though we’re not certainly one of those web pages that is fixated at this kind of figures (a decent cell camera is hardly ever any product for its megapixel count), that will be considered a small disheartening just after the actual Nokia N8‘s great 12-megapixel snapper.

Thankfully, this seems Nokia is placing the exact same unit inside the Nokia N9. How do we understand for certain? That leaked advert we mentioned before gave the game away by briefly showing any close-up on the phone’s 12-megapixel Carl Zeiss contact lens.

Nonetheless the actual Nokia N9 and it is MeeGo OS performs, we understand it’ll get some delicious pictures.

Reside thumbnail multitasking

As picked up by Electrical Pig, the leaked Nokia N9 advert as well presents united states several glimpses with the MeeGo OS around action. Among the list of most interesting points is that MeeGo seems to present a are living tile-based multitasking feature.

This presents a watch of each on the apps presently managing as a reside thumbnail, which can then simply remain chosen in order to carry this towards the fore.

It is any technique made use of in a very amount of present day smartphone and tablet running devices like Android Honeycomb as well as webOS (and in some cases the particular Nokia N900's Maemo OS, that is the ancestor of MeeGo), however it is fantastic to view it operating on a new Nokia gadget.

Ovi Generate turn-by-turn selection

Another intriguing feature of your Nokia N9 to crop up around the leaked advert is surely an software icon that reads Ovi Generate (see image), and also attributes some route arrows pointing inside correct road signal trend.

This would seem to suggest the N9 could get its individual committed turn-by-turn routing app, fairly than obtaining to go into Ovi Maps to initiate these kinds of any function as is definitely the scenario within current Nokia phones.

Not surprisingly, Nokia has not long ago announced its intentions to scrap the Ovi brand, so this application won’t be identified as Ovi Drive on the ultimate N9 hardware. Which happens to be variety of the shame, since it incorporates a pleasant ring to this.

Nokia's Different MeeGo device is Nokia N9 or Nokia N900?

The particular Finnish handset producer, Nokia is most likely to start a further MeeGo unit this year as well as within all probability, to get identified as possibly Nokia N9 or Nokia N900. Any video clip on the unit has been uploaded briefly in YouTube after which hastily withdrawn by Nokia, attributing the withdrawal to copyright concerns in the Nokia N9 or the Nokia N900.

Earlier this 12 months, Nokia had declared in the Nokia 2011 Developer Forum that it ideas to start an additional MeeGo primarily based gadget later on this year. The actual Nokia N9 is constructed about the exact same hardware platform since the Nokia N97 and will feature an AMOLED capacitive touch screen and 16m shades. It truly is possible to get any QWERTY keyboard, display of the minor over 4 inch and 480 x 854 pixel amongst other features for example the particular proximity sensor for auto turn-off and handwriting global recognition.

The video clip which has been in YouTube showed the N9 or is this the N900, could feature Close to Field Communication and also Augmented Reality capabilities. Interfacing with social websites will probably be one more critical feature.

This video clip, which often could are already accidentally uploaded, reported that the provider was all set with the fresh gadget and also it was just a matter of time previous to it had been officially released.

Nokia has released the particular X series of extremely productive handsets much like the Nokia X6 and also the later Nokia X7. The X series brings together the many attributes on the Smartphone and functions with flair in addition to a total focus on entertainment.