Mortal Combat 9: New Raiden HD Gameplay video released

A brand new movie release of Raiden’s battling skills has been introduced on the net plus it showcases the current graphical technology with this old and well-established franchise's. Publicized by Warner Brothers Games, this Netherrealsm developed subject shows off Raiden in a number of settings dealing out heavy damage to his enemies through body blows, energy bolts, and even electricity. This latest rendition of Mortal Kombat surely capitalizes on recent game video evolution to create an atmosphere that catches the immediacy in the action. The slower motion line where Raiden cracks his opponent’s cranium and spine is rather gruesome, visual, and, if you're a Mortal Kombat devoted, a fantastic up-date in the old “Finish Him” completing techniques that Mortal Kombat made renowned.

Talk about graphical! On the seems with this video, the fresh variation of Mortal Kombat continues all of the old factors that its massive fanbase really like and presents new parts which are certain to create an even larger following.