Nokia Wouldn’t Work With Microsoft Because It’s Just As Controlling As Apple – The Business Insider

Nokia is doubtful to sell phones using Windows Phone 7 program since Nokia “in their fashion,” is “just as unrelenting upon carry out over their ecosystem as Apple is,” writes shortly to be ex-Nokia worker Watts Martin upon his blog.

Previously there were rumors which a dual companies could offshoot up upon a little arrange of smartphone project.

Here is Watts’ evidence for because Nokia is as determining as Apple:

Symbian as well as MeeGo have been both open source, though Nokia is by distant a many critical corporate developer of both (let’s face it, Symbian never unequivocally had any one else operative upon it). The API for both of them is Qt, grown by Nokia-owned Trolltech. Nokia’s mapping as well as navigation is granted by Nokia-owned Navteq. Their poke collection have been being grown with pieces (and people) they kept from MetaCarta. They don’t have a sealed “app ecosystem” similar to Apple, though if we have been provision program components in Nokia’s ecosystem which they come to rest on, it’s a great gamble they’re starting to buy we or write a homegrown deputy for what we do.

For these reasons, it would be out of impression for Nokia to only confirm to give up carry out to Microsoft.

Further, Watts says Windows Phone 7 is weaker than MeeGo. It doesn’t have multitasking, it has fewer apps, as well as it has reduction craving support.

Overall, Watts’ thinks Nokia’s OS plan is good. The greatest complaint for a association is user knowledge as well as a irrelevance in North America. And it’s not similar to Microsoft would assistance with a latter of those two.