Cell phones as dangerous as ethanol in cars – Las Vegas Sun

Sunday, Dec. 26, 2010 | 2:01 a.m.

I review in a Las Vegas Sun this month a story about a lady who was exceedingly harmed in 2004 in an collision caused by someone articulate upon a dungeon phone.

What will it take to dissuade articulate or texting upon a dungeon phone to forestall people from being severely harmed or killed? Just banning a operate of a dungeon phone will not compromise a problem. Unless they have been held for a little violation, people, not only teenagers, will go on regulating dungeon phones.

There have been in-car inclination which forestall those who splash as well most from driving. Cell phone users have been only as dangerous as inebriated drivers.

There needs to be something commissioned in cars which will forestall drivers from regulating dungeon phones. When someone is killed, it will be as well late.

How can any a single content but receiving their hands or eyes off a road? Let’s get this complaint solved prior to a single some-more chairman is killed or maimed for life.