Amazon Posts EVO Shift 4G for some-more than Radio Shack – Androinica

A integrate days ago you saw Radio Shack burst the gun as well as trickle the posting for the EVO Shift 4G full with the recover date of Jan 9th. Now, Amazon has posted the pre-order page for the phone, though infrequently Amazon has the phone listed during $ 199 where the Radio Shack ad had the phone listed during $ 149. Another disproportion in the postings has the formula page upon Amazon inventory the recover of the EVO Shift during Jan 6th rsther than than the 9th. Either way, the phone is attack soon.

Amazon additionally shows off the bit of the quiescent side with the pre-order page by true up copy-pasting the technical sum of the EVO 4G onto the latest page for the EVO Shift 4G, even together with the word “released in June, 2010″. Granted, the dual phones have been expected to be roughly matching solely for the earthy set of keys upon the Shift, though it all creates it appear similar to the pour out pursuit by Amazon to compare the post by Radio Shack.

Personally, we don’t unequivocally see the indicate of the EVO Shift. Since starting to operate pick keyboards similar to ShapeWriter, Swype or SlideIT, we don’t see the indicate of the earthy keyboard, generally with the combined bulk they bring. But, in reserve from that, because has it taken HTC as well as Sprint 6 months given the recover of the EVO to put out this phone? Did they only have zero else to uncover during CES? It all seems the bit off to me.

What have been your thoughts upon earthy keyboards? Useful or useless?

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