Amazon Posts EVO Shift 4G for more than Radio Shack – Androinica

A couple days ago we saw Radio Shack jump the gun and leak a posting for the EVO Shift 4G full with a release date of January 9th. Now, Amazon has posted a pre-order page for the phone, but oddly Amazon has the phone listed at $ 199 where the Radio Shack ad had the phone listed at $ 149. Another difference in the postings has the results page on Amazon listing the release of the EVO Shift at January 6th rather than the 9th. Either way, the phone is hitting soon.

Amazon also shows off a bit of a lazy side with the pre-order page by straight up copy-pasting the technical details of the EVO 4G onto the new page for the EVO Shift 4G, even including the phrase “released in June, 2010″. Granted, the two phones are likely to be almost identical except for the physical keyboard on the Shift, but it all makes it seem like a rush job by Amazon to match the post by Radio Shack.

Personally, I don’t really see the point of the EVO Shift. Since starting to use alternative keyboards like ShapeWriter, Swype or SlideIT, I don’t see the point of a physical keyboard, especially with the added bulk they bring. But, aside from that, why has it taken HTC and Sprint 6 months since the release of the EVO to put out this phone? Did they just have nothing else to show at CES? It all seems a bit off to me.

What are your thoughts on physical keyboards? Useful or useless?

[Amazon] via Android Central