5 Reasons Why Google Won’t Become the Phone Carrier – eWeek

CNNMoney.com Dec. thirty offering a constrained square arguing which Google could turn a phone conduit which competes with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile as good as others in a U.S.

Jim Goldman argued which a poke as good as Web services provider has determined a Android handling complement as a renouned platform, has attempted to sell unbarred phones online, as good as is experimenting with upon condition which ultra-high speed broadband around Google Fiber.

Google Voice, a giveaway phone supervision service, is a company’s genius in a hole, Goldman believes. All of these efforts have been geared to expostulate larger embracing a cause of Google’s poke as good as Web services.

EWEEK can consider of most reasons because Google wouldn’t go there but, presumption Google was peaceful to outlay $ twenty billion or so of a $ 33 billion in money structure out a compulsory infrastructure, here have been 5 good ones as 2011 gets underway.

1) Incumbents Despise Competition

Competition between carriers is so cutthroat which a thought which Google competence chuck a shawl in to a conduit ring contingency feel similar to fraud to Verizon, AT&T as good as alternative incumbents who have welcome Android upon multiform smartphones. These carriers wouldn’t take pleasantly to Google encroaching upon their turf. MG Siegler during TechCrunch corners this foe well. Such a pierce could severely chill carriers’ embracing a cause of Android. Even if Google done a little concessions in a form of special non-compete clauses or

2) Congress Calling

Silicon Alley Insider’s Matt Rosoff underlined a pass reason because Google won’t turn a carrier: Verizon as good as AT&T outlayed some-more than $ 7 billion in a third entertain 2010 lobbying a government. With which kind of domestic sway, it’s rarely doubtful folks upon Capitol Hill will concede Google to ensue as a carrier. The powers which be would pierce a full flay of a Justice Department as good as Federal Trade Commission upon Google for perplexing such an brazen move.

3) Public Trust

If Congress is upon a fence, consumer remoteness advocates such as a Consumer Watchdog will certainly tip it toward a side of a carriers. Google’s prospects as a phone conduit take upon a low light when a single considers a company’s certitude turn is during an all-time low following a WiSpy as good as Google Buzz remoteness issues. Privacy peeps won’t simply string to a idea of Google owning a broadband pipes as good as spectrum airwaves. These groups do not need explanation to lay which Google will daub people’s phone lines as good as control sum low parcel investigation if it is authorised to turn a carrier. The cries of Google as Big Brother from 1984 will relate via a halls upon Capitol Hill, fueled by a mental disorder which Google has in truth grown as well large for a britches.

4) Consumers

People join forces with Google with search, as good as maybe Gmail in a U.S. as good as abroad. Adding conduit to a superlatives mantel is a wily excellent line to travel when Google hasn’t even demonstrated a selling savvy to effectively promulgate as good as sell products such as a Nexus One smartphone or Google TV. How would it presumably crop up upon consumers’ preference horizons as a conduit as good as afterwards get them to buy in? We consider this intensely unlikely.  

5) Today’s Choices Good Enough

Despite large grousing by consumers when their calls get forsaken from a single city to a next, we do not need an additional carrier. The Big Four have a bolt of America covered, with not as big providers such as U.S. Cellular stuffing in spots in a good Midwest. Unless Google provides something which was empirically proven to be faster, some-more strong as good as supposing a price assets to users over existent skeleton â€" any one else sleepy of profitable $ 70 to $ 200 a month for voice as good as interpretation underneath stream conduit rates? â€" a marketplace won’t bear it.

Google Ad Infinitum

Something to consider: Let’s contend Google worked out a little understanding with Verizon, AT&T as good as others to have them fair to vouchsafing a association fool around in a conduit game. And let’s contend a supervision welcomed Google with open arms.

Would we wish Google to be your wireless carrier? In short, would Google be channel a mental separator of people picking Google to be a renter as good as physical education instructor of not usually their poke as good as Web services, though a broadband pipes as good as airwaves to broach it.

If Google can do that, what is to stop it from formulating a own media mecca, formulating a Google TV network as good as personification opposite NBC, CBS, Fox as good as ABC? How distant down a rabbit hole can we go with Google?

Something to coddle as we begin your 2011. Happy New Year.