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“Great simple flip phone with a couple of teenager set backs.” upon Dec 11, 2010 by Dr_Mario_PharmD

Pros: 1. Best pass desk pad upon a market2. Great vast display3. Large easy to hoop phone4. Easy to navigate menus5. Easy to entrance Micro SD slot

Cons: 1. Some antiquated hardware for a phone competing with LG EnV Touch2. The hinge is a small some-more groundless than alternative flip phones3. Unable to commend mp3 song as ringtones4. Thin phone can be formidable to open in landscape format

Summary: we not long ago purchased a Zeal since we was sleepy of profitable $ thirty a month for a interpretation devise we usually used occasionally. The $ fifteen a month 150MB devise is intensely overpriced as well as since even worry with a interpretation devise if we have been not starting to operate some-more than 150MG? (opinion) we proposed seeking for a latest phone which still had a good set of keys as well as simple facilities which did not need a interpretation plan. we saw someone with a Alias 2 about 3 months ago as well as we was tender with a set of keys which takes value of eink to furnish keys with a coherence of a digital arrangement with a value of tangible keys. The set of keys feels good as well as a becoming different pass pattern functions perfectly. My usually censure is infrequently a phone resets when switching for mural to landscape as well as a intensely skinny phone creates it formidable to open in landscape. The hinge additionally feels a small flimsy, though this is a compulsory immorality to yield a twin flip underline as well as we disbelief it will break.

My vital complaints have been with a antiquated 2.0 Mega Pixel camera as well as a 2.5mm headset output. Really? Even a Alias 2 had this facilities as well as this is an easy ascent to 3.2Mega pixel as well as 3.5mm. we am additionally raw which these phones have no complaint though mp3 music, though exclude to commend them as ringtones. Even when marked down to reduction than 500 Kb as well as twenty-nine seconds, a phone will not commend it as a ringtone.

Overall this is my a a single preferred nonsmart phone since of a vast pattern as well as good set of keys which allows me to send content messages rapidly. we consider most manufactures should take note of a eink pattern since it is a most appropriate of both worlds upon condition that plain keys with a practical keyboard.

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