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Now this sounds familiar. For a past month, Nokia has assumingly been in discussions with Microsoft about putting a latest Windows Phone 7 program upon Nokia hardware, according to an paper by Eldar Murtazin of a Russian site Mobile-Review.

Murtazin writes which Nokia’s latest government â€" which includes Stephen Elop, former conduct of Microsoft’s commercial operation multiplication as well as Nokia’s latest CEO â€" has proposed talks with a program hulk to enlarge their cooperation. Primarily, Nokia seems to be meddlesome in putting Windows Phone 7 upon a hardware, pulling it by a normal placement channels as well as adding facilities usual to a own phones.

VentureBeat’s Matthaus Krzykowski in Sep reported just a same news, as well as it was reliable by mixed sources. But Nokia was discerning to repudiate it, observant which it had no skeleton to supplement some-more program platforms. Given which Elop was declared Nokia’s CEO progressing in September, a idea which a phone manufacturer was removing in bed with Microsoft didn’t appear which far-fetched.

Now after a muted recover of Nokia’s Symbian-powered N8 smartphone (which we was entirely unhappy by), it’s apropos clearer which a association needs a stop-gap program resolution prior to a long-delayed Meego OS is released.

Murtazin is well known for his scoops in a mobile arena, so a actuality which he’s right away conference about Nokia/Microsoft talks tells me which a primary inform was often upon a money.

If Nokia is in truth starting to adopt Windows Phone 7, it will have to pierce quickly. Word is which a company’s next-generation Meego phones won’t be entrance until late 2011, so if Microsoft’s program is meant to fill which recover void, Nokia will need to exercise Windows Phone 7 soon.

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