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wp7_green.pngMicrosoft has eventually expelled sales interpretation upon a newly launched mobile handling complement Windows Phone 7…well, arrange of. Instead of divulgence tangible numbers per phone sales to consumers, it has voiced which a partner handset manufacturers have sole over 1.5 million inclination to carriers as great as retailers in a initial 6 weeks a phones have been upon a market.

That helps Windows Phone 7 “build patron movement as great as sell presence,” says Achim Berg, Microsoft’s VP of commercial operation as great as selling for Windows Phones.

Great, so what does which unequivocally meant in conditions of height success?

The reduced answer: not much. It shows which carriers have been peaceful to give a handsets a chance, batch them upon their shelves. It demonstrates conduit confidence. And yes, if a carriers have been upon board, which can assistance any latest mobile OS get a great start. Windows Phone 7 has a improved possibility than say, a Microsoft KIN did, for example.

Carrier Sales Don’t Equal Market Share

But manufacturer to conduit sales discuss it us zero about genuine marketplace share. You can’t infer from this figure how many phones have been finale up in consumers’ hands. And let’s be unequivocally transparent upon a singular thing â€" if which figure was something to gloat about, you know Microsoft would.

Instead, you can usually wonder. The usually “real” consumer sales interpretation came out in November, when a singular online U.K. tradesman MobilesPlease reported upon a blog which Android phones were outselling Windows Phone 7 inclination by fifteen to 1. The press, of course, glommed onto which series as justification of a Windows Phone 7 disaster to launch.

But there have been multiform things wrong with that. For one, which inform was from a singular retailer. One tradesman in a U.K. And a singular tradesman who sells phones online. Most mainstream users aren’t starting to buy a WP7 phone steer secret from a website â€" they’re starting to go to a store to get their hands upon a singular first. (Just ask Google how great those Nexus 1 online sales went).

But WP7 Has Apps!

So what interpretation do you unequivocally have, then, upon a Windows Phone 7 platform?

Well, IDC researcher Al Hilwa pronounced this week which a WP7 Marketplace is off to a great start, reaching 4,000 apps usually dual months after launch â€" a faster ramp up than even Android saw. (It took Android from Oct. 2008 to Mar 2009 to strech this same level, Hilwa said).

“I would not be astounded if Microsoft had a third largest app portfolio in a attention by a center of subsequent year,” Hilwa concluded.


Sounds promising, right? Unfortunately, no. This interpretation amounts to a total lot of nothing, too. As Engadget’s Chris Ziegler righteously forked out, Android launched upon a T-Mobile G1 alone, as great as it wasn’t until a initial half of 2009 which one more markets as great as inclination came online. Windows Phone 7, however, has launched upon inclination from HTC, LG, Dell as great as Samsung opposite North America as great as Europe. This isn’t a satisfactory comparison, in alternative words.

In addition, WP7 developers come from an already determined .NET as great as XNA developer bottom â€" they didn’t have to sense latest tools, growth environments, libraries or languages.

So WP7 reached an app miracle quicker than Android? No warn there. It positively should have.

The usually genuine series which counts to this platform’s success comes from consumer sales data. But Microsoft isn’t articulate about that, notwithstanding increasing vigour to do so. And that’s maybe a many revelation exhibit of all.