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An review found that a entertain of a Los Angeles County kid gratification department’s 2009 dungeon phone check was squandered upon nonessential or “inappropriate” charges, a Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday.

A inform by a Los Angeles County Auditor-Controller found that about $ 500,000 of a $ 2.2 million outlayed final year upon dungeon phones paid for inclination that were never used or for personal calls to unfamiliar countries, according to a Times.

Trish Ploehn, who was private final week as executive of a Department of Children as well as Family Services, was given a breeze duplicate of a review this fall, a journal reported.

In an primary reply to a inform in September, Ploehn wrote that she would yield a county Board of Supervisors with a minute devise to residence issues raised.

“We in all determine with a infancy of a recommendations contained in a inform as well as utterly grant that it is a department’s shortcoming to guarantee county resources,” Ploehn wrote.

However, a Times reported that no one some-more devise from a dialect has given been submitted, according to supervisors’ aides as well as a county’s website tracking association in between departments as well as a board.

The review found that gratification officials did have present logs as well as could not brand users for some-more than 250 active phones.

It additionally found that some-more than 1,400 of a department’s 5,000 phones were not used by employees, nonetheless were activated as well as incurred $ 330,000 in use charges. One workman gathered $ 2,000 in personal general calls.

At a same time, officials have concurred that a dialect refused to give dungeon phones to kid abuse investigators.

Susan Herman, a mouthpiece for county Chief Executive William T Fujioka, told a Times a county “takes a review commentary really seriously, as well as DCFS is starting to be giving out a minute reply someday soon.”

Herman additionally pronounced kid gratification officials have been reevaluating a process of denying kid abuse investigators dungeon phones.

“We have been committed to giving employees a collection they need to have young kids as well as family groups safe,” she told a newspaper.

According to a audit, a dialect has started canceling services for phones for that there was no identified user.


Information from: Los Angeles Times,