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Back in October, after a central launch of Windows Phone 7, we wrote up a tiny primary thoughts after carrying played with a couple of antecedent inclination in a months heading up to a launch. Many seemed astounded by my mostly certain reactions. It seemed to me during a time which Microsoft competence have essentially brought a gun to a gun quarrel with Windows Phone â€" as against to a sword, or a knife, or a mop.

At a same time, we noted, “Now they customarily have to run a marathon. Up a mountain. Against competitors which they gave a twenty mile head-start to.” And a early indications prove to which competition not starting so great for Microsoft early on. But still, we cruise there competence be a tiny goal for a platform, for dual reasons. First, I’ve essentially had a possibility to operate a accomplished device for a whilst right divided â€" as great as we identical to it. Second, Microsoft has a obviously unconstrained supply of money.

As I’ve finished with a series of alternative smartphones, a following is my take upon Windows Phone from a viewpoint of an iPhone lover. In my mind, a ultimate iPhone (currently, a iPhone 4) is still a device to kick out there in a smartphone market, as great as so we demeanour during all these latest inclination from which perspective. Is Windows Phone great sufficient to have me cruise switching? Is there anything about it that’s better? Worse? Etc.

Different Is Good

Right off a bat, let me customarily contend a thing which is certain to piss off any fandroid celebration of a mass this. From an OS perspective, we find Windows Phone some-more delectable than Android. As I’ve settled previously, we identical to which Microsoft is we do something opposite to pierce a judgment mobile OSes forward. The categorical complaint I’ve continually had with Android is which it feels as great most identical to a less-polished chronicle of iOS. Google has finished a great pursuit iterating as great as removing it closer to iOS, though it still lacks a refinement. And a actuality which they finished it have a same elementary demeanour as great as feel creates comparisons unfit to get around.

Windows Phone is utterly different. From a homescreen tiles to a UI (codenamed Metro), when I’m regulating it, we don’t feel identical to I’m regulating a poor-man’s iPhone. we feel identical to I’m regulating something new. That’s differing for a tiny people deliberation a apps-on-the-screen indication has been so widespread in a smartphone marketplace up until now. But if Microsoft is equates to to scale Windows Phone in to an essentially successful product, they’ll have a lot of competitors duplicating a lot of what they’re doing.


First as great as foremost, a live-updating tile suspicion of Windows Phone is great. I’ve never been a large air blower of a tiny red dot badging complement which iOS uses to prove if there’s a tiny refurbish to an app. Windows Phone’s tile complement uses a candid series complement inside of a tile to uncover how most latest content messages (or emails, or calls, etc) we have.

I additionally adore a elementary pattern of a tiles. They’re large as great as clickable. And distinct iOS or Android where developers mostly emanate weird-looking, nauseous icons, Windows Phone tiles have been all customary squares. The ones finished by Microsoft can be customized with opposite colors, which changes a demeanour of a homescreen. And tiles can additionally refurbish with live report such as latest pictures.

Clicking upon a tile produces a tidy tiny outcome where all a alternative tiles wizz divided as great as a app we clicked upon opens. It’s tiny elements of gloss identical to this which shows Microsoft essentially put a tiny work as great as suspicion in to this OS.


In a apps themselves, a Metro pattern work is additionally unequivocally apparent. Microsoft uses this carousel-style complement where we cycle by a opposite categorical collection of apps. This is a tiny peculiar since a approach they prove which there is something to corkscrew to is mostly with a word of a subsequent area being to a tiny extent obstructed. Again, different.

The most appropriate third-party apps follow this character as well. A garland of a apps I’ve been regulating regularly, such as Twitter as great as IMDb, were combined by IdentityMine, a organisation which mostly functions with Microsoft upon a series of products. Because they belong to this Metro style, a apps demeanour unequivocally nice. Most importantly for Microsoft, we come divided with a feeling which they appear identical to Windows Phone apps, rsther than than customarily unchanging aged apps grown to be cross-platform.

Of course, which styling has substantially slowed down a app growth routine for a tiny third celebration teams. Kurt Brockett, a Director of UX Evangelism for IdentityMine, tells us which a dev collection have been flattering great for Windows Phone as great as credits Microsoft for we do a great pursuit upon a v1 product. But during a same time, to demeanour identical to a most appropriate Windows Phone apps, you’re expected starting to have to possibly outsource your work to companies identical to IdentityMine or sinecure dedicated people.

Another shining app for a height is a a single finished by Netflix. In fact, I’d contend it’s noticeably better than a app Netflix creates for a iPhone. It’s customarily some-more polished. And they still don’t have any app accessible for Android. Of course, it competence assistance which Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is upon Microsoft’s Board of Directors.

Most developers I’ve oral with over a past multiform weeks have pronounced they have been not focusing upon a Windows Phone height customarily yet. The categorical reason, obviously, is since they’re customarily not certain what a open seductiveness will be yet. This is identical to developer reactions after Android launched. And it’s customarily only right divided removing to a prove where teams have been focusing upon both iPhone as great as Android during a same time. So third-party apps competence be a delayed highway for Windows Phone for a tiny time.


But whilst apps competence be entrance along slowly, a single segment, games, already appear sincerely strong. Microsoft has an value here since their knowledge with Xbox Live. And wisely, they’re restraining which without delay in to games upon Windows Phone. When games launched upon Android, they were flattering awful. On a iPhone, they were decent, though we cruise it’s satisfactory to contend which Apple underestimated how critical which marketplace would be. Microsoft doesn’t appear to be underestimating that.

I haven’t played a outrageous series of them, though a ones we have played appear to run uniformly for a most partial as great as demeanour great. Ones additionally accessible upon a iPhone (in alternative words, ported), identical to Fruit Ninja, don’t appear to run utterly as well, though a knowledge is close.

Windows Phone ties in your Xbox Live avatar to a gaming area so we can keep lane of achievements as great as connections. we cruise a association will go upon to beef this up in a entrance months as this could potentially be a outrageous offshoot for them to get people onto a platform.


The Windows Phone I’ve been regulating is a Samsung Focus. It has a 1Ghz processor, a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, a 5 megapixel camera, as great as 8 gigabytes of inner storage (which can be beefed up around a microSD slot). The device runs upon AT&T’s network â€" which, as we’re all substantially great wakeful by now, is flattering horrible in a Bay Area.

Call peculiarity when AT&T is personification great (meaning, it’s not raining, I’m not in SoMa, etc…) seems utterly good. we adore content messaging upon a device since we cite a Metro character Windows Phone users contra a cutesy burble character iOS uses.

Simply put: a hardware is altogether good, though not great. The shade is great, though a device itself feels a tiny as great plastic-y. Compared to a iPhone 4, it’s shockingly light â€" which is great when it’s in your pocket, though feels a tiny peculiar when it’s in your hand. It’s so light which it feels roughly as if it’s blank a battery (which, of course, it isn’t).

Like most Android phones, receiving a behind off of this device is customarily about a slightest superb thing in a world.

Microsoft is we do a intelligent thing with their OEM partners in giving them a sincerely despotic set of specs to belong to for Windows Phone devices. This equates to which any phone will have most of a same elementary elements, as great as all should be sincerely identical from a user knowledge perspective. Like Android phones, a Windows Phones have practical buttons which reside customarily next a screen. But instead of a 4 we find upon most Android phones, there have been three: Search, Home, as great as Back.

The Focus additionally has a earthy camera symbol which allows we to fast burst in to camera mode no have a difference what app you’re in upon a device. I’ve listened which a large concentration of Windows Phone was to have a picture-taking routine as discerning as possible. And it is unequivocally quick. The complaint with a earthy symbol (as against to a practical ones found upon a iPhone as great as Android phones) is which it can lead to tiny jitters in your pictures, I’ve found.

But if we have solid hands, a pattern peculiarity is good. And a device can take 720p video, which looks great.

Overall, a complement runs fast as great as smoothly. Windows Phone could really great from a arrange of credentials pausing as great as resuming which iOS employs (apps right divided entirely give up when we exit them), though that’s a program issue, not a hardware one, as great as a single which will positively be implemented.


In my couple of weeks with a Windows Phone device, I’ve found a couple of alternative things here as great as there to identical to about it. One outrageous thing is a low Facebook integration. Your Facebook contacts have been scored equally without delay in to a People tile upon a phone, as great as all of a hit report from their profiles comes over to your device. A couple of Android phones suggest identical things, though it feels some-more constituent to a complement upon Windows Phone as great as reduction tacked-on.

Bing search, with a outrageous cinema tailored for a phone’s shade looks amazing. And a formula pages which take upon a Metro pattern demeanour distant improved than anything Bing has finished upon a web proper.

That said, a web browser upon Windows Phone is an abomination. It’s tough to report how bad it is. It’s arrange of identical to IE6, though worse. Nearly any page I’ve visited over a past multiform weeks has been damaged in a browser in a tiny way. It’s customarily usually tiny character issues, though still â€" Microsoft should be abashed of this. The browser is arguably a most critical underline of any smartphone. And upon Windows Phone, utterly frankly, it sucks.

The program set of keys in Windows Phone is somewhere in between a iPhone set of keys as great as Android’s practical keyboards in conditions of usability, though it’s most closer to a iPhone’s. Again, for a v1 take upon this, that’s impressive.

In fact, a altogether responsiveness of a touchscreen elements is considerable upon v1 of Windows Phone. Android has had a prolonged time to spike this, as great as with most of their phones, they have not.


I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how most I’ve favourite Windows Phone. Would we suggest shopping one? Certainly not upon AT&T, though if as great as when it came to Verizon, we positively cruise it’s estimable of consideration. Would we reinstate my iPhone with it? Well, no. But we do cruise it’s critical to recollect which this is Microsoft’s primary gash during this. If we were to review this to a strange iPhone, customarily from a program perspective, obviously this would be right there, if not somewhat improved (and most improved if we cruise which this has third-party apps as great as a strange iPhone didn’t during first).

Of course, we’d substantially be carrying a sum opposite contention if Microsoft had expelled this in 2007 instead of stability to give mouth-to-mouth to a ebbing Windows Mobile brand. Now, they’re entrance dual to 3 years late to a party. That equates to they’re starting to have to iterate as an intensely fast gait â€" as great as which could be a great or bad thing.

But a great headlines is which they’re Microsoft. They have a ton of income which they obviously don’t thoughts blazing if they feel it’s value it. And mobile is obviously value it. And that’s because Windows Phone is starting to be around a whilst even if it never entirely takes off.

But during slightest Microsoft has since it a possibility to take off with a primary recover of Windows Phone. They could have customarily as simply expelled a sum broken in to a market. They could have brought a mop to a gun fight.