CES 2011: Smartphone Trends to Watch – Yahoo! Tech (blog)

LTE iPhone 4 upon Verizon. But hey, foreigner things have happened. Read upon to find out a tiny some-more trustworthy trends during this year’s show.

4G/LTE Phones

We’ve been conference about 4G for a integrate of years now, nonetheless there unequivocally has been really tiny transformation in conditions of 4G phones. This year’s CES, however, will be a year for LTE/4G phones. A integrate of days ago, Verizon tweeted “Jan 6 during #CES: #Android as good as #LTE â€" could it be identical to peanut butter as good as chocolate? YUM!” There have been a lot of rumors swirling around a blogosphere about what these inclination could be. We consider there’s a probability of a unnamed-and-sort-of-announced Motorola inscription entrance in a Verizon-LTE flavor, as good as a latest LTE Droid phone. We’ve additionally seen leaked images of a Samsung Galaxy S LTE phone as good as a probable LTE follow-up to a HTC Droid Incredible (codenamed Mecha, nonetheless a tiny blogs have been job it a Incredible HD).

Sprint has been rolling out a WiMAX-based network in assorted U.S. cities all year, nonetheless usually dual phones which await a network came out this year (HTC EVO 4G as good as a Samsung Epic 4G). We’re awaiting to see a integrate of some-more 4G inclination together with a probable refurbish to a HTC EVO 4G. The rumored EVO Shift 4G looks flattering identical to EVO solely with a full-QWERTY keyboard.

T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, which it’s job “4G”, has additionally been gaining traction; a latest record will have been incited upon in 100 cities by year-end, a association says. We’ve listened rumors of T-Mobile trotting out a latest HSPA+ inscription during CES, nonetheless we’re additionally anticipating for a integrate of some-more HSPA+ phones to supplement to a T-Mobile myTouch 4G as good as G2 which have been right away available. As for AT&T, we’re not awaiting any 4G inclination utterly nonetheless as a conduit has pronounced which it won’t be rolling out a LTE network until open 2011.

Front-facing cameras

One of a most latest facilities in a Android 2.3 (aka “Gingerbread”) refurbish is await for mixed cameras upon a device. In a camera interface, we can click a tiny idol during a bottom of a shade as good as switch in between a front-facing or back-facing camera. A integrate of of a rumored phones we’ve seen, identical to which LTE Galaxy S phone, competition front-facing cameras. These phones will all be upon 4G networks, too, given video discuss is most smoother over a faster connection.

More Windows Phone 7

HTC 7 Pro entrance to Sprint, which was voiced in October, nonetheless design it to strictly launch during CES. The 7 Pro has a QWERTY keyboard, a 3.6-inch arrangement as good as a 5-megapixel camera with 720p video capture. The alternative prohibited rumored Windows Phone is a HTC 7 Trophy, presumably entrance to Verizon. According to leaked promotional element from Microsoft, a Trophy has a 3.8-inch arrangement nonetheless no earthy keyboard.

Microsoft has reliable a Jan Windows Phone 7 update, which will broach duplicate as good as pulp functionalities, between alternative undisclosed latest features. We’re awaiting during slightest a sum about a refurbish to be suggested during CES.

A Better Gaming Experience

With a Nexus S sporting a gyroscope (much identical to a a single found in a iPhone 4), we will substantially see some-more as good as some-more Android phones versed with a single as well. Gyroscopes concede for some-more correct controls in games, which, when joined with a latest Nvidia Tegra processors we design to see during CES, opens a doorway for a most improved gaming knowledge than what is right away being offering upon a platform. The Tegra processors integrate a CPU with a GPU (graphics estimate unit), giving we smoother as good as cleanser 3D graphics as good as video playback. With improved controls as good as graphics, developers might proceed to see these Tegra-powered phones as party powerhouses.

Lower End/Pre-Paid Smartphones

LG’s Optimus line has done Android some-more affordable for smartphone buyers upon a singular budget. It’s a mostly untapped marketplace which a alternative big-name phone manufacturers would be ridiculous to ignore. Chances have been tall which others upon top of LG will try to get a cut of a bill Android movement as good as entrance a tiny reduce finish phones to one side their existent hardware. Recent trends indicate which we have been saying a finish of “dumbphones” (non smartphones) in preference of low finish Android powered devices.

Even pre-paid carriers have been jumping onto a smartphone bandwagon. MetroPCS has right away incited upon a latest LTE network in 9 cities, so it would not be startling to see a integrate of low-priced, LTE-compatible Android phones have their approach to a contract-free carrier.

What phones have been we gripping your fingers crossed for during CES? Sound off in a comments below.