1.5 million Windows Phone 7 handsets shipped: the great begin – Ars Technica

With dual months left given Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7, a association has eventually proposed to residence a large subject about a latest smartphone platform: how good is it selling? In an talk with Microsoft clamp boss of commercial operation as well as selling for Windows Phones Achim Berg published in a press recover progressing today, Microsoft claimed that phone manufacturers had sole some-more than 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 handsets.

Though that’s not utterly a answer that people wantâ€"what you unequivocally wish to know is how most handsets have done it in to users’ hands, not been sole to a mobile networksâ€"it’s still a clever indicator that phone networks as well as OEMs more aged have been ancillary Windows Phone 7 in a large way. Even if half those phones have been sitting in storerooms or upon shelves, that’s still three-quarters of a million phones sole to tangible customers, as well as for a code latest platform, that’s not a bad jot down during all. Given a disproportion in sales models in between iPhone, Android, as well as Windows Phone 7, expect comparisons have been regularly a bit tough to make, though by equates to of comparison, Apple took 74 days to sell a initial million iPhones, as well as T-Mobile in a US took about 6 months to sell a single million Android-powered G1s.

While there have been still a little questions about a strength of a handling system’s launch, it’s apropos transparent that a Windows Phone 7 focus store, Marketplace, has gotten off to a really clever begin indeed. In a dual months given opening, a Marketplace right away boasts in additional of 4,000 applications. It took 5 months for Android’s Market to strech 2,300 applications, as well as fifteen months for webOS’s App Catalog to strike 4,000 applications. Even a iPhone App Store, that had a value of being launched a full year after a iPhone, didn’t grow this quickly; dual months after a release, it had fewer than 4,000 applications available.

At only dual months old, it’s still early in Windows Phone 7′s lifeâ€"and as Berg concurred in his interview, Microsoft is in a smartphone competition “for a prolonged run.” It will be months or years prior to Windows Phone 7′s success can indeed be ascertained, though it looks similar to it has strike a belligerent running.