DROID Catches Some Air #adobemax

  Things have been so exciting lately. I've been catching some air. Specifically, I've been creating Adobe AIR® apps for Android devices like the DROID X and DROID 2.   I just love this new development environment, where you create apps for Android with Adobe Flash®, Adobe Flex®, and ActionScript. Your app appears in the launcher on the device just like any Android app, but it runs in the AIR runtime environment rather than on the Android platform. So far, I've found AIR apps visually stunning, easy to create, and fun to use.   You can upload AIR apps, either paid or free, to Android Market. Best of all, your AIR app can run on multiple platforms, including desktop, browser, and other mobile devices.   I'll be presenting a developer session on AIR development for Android at Adobe MAX. The conference is October 23-27 in Los Angeles, and my session is DROID and Adobe AIR: Creating Stunning Applications for DROID Devices, Monday Oct 25 at 2pm. We'll talk about how to take advantage of the best features of devices like the DROID X and DROID 2. You'll get valuable, time-saving tips and code samples, on topics like using multitouch and the camera, and also learn how to make sure your app is available in Android Market on the devices of your choice.   If you're already planning to be at MAX, I'd love to see you there. If not, there's still time to register. The array of sessions and labs this year, including those on AIR for Android, is very impressive. Chances are you'll leave ready to take full advantage of Adobe AIR and the popular DROID devices by Motorola.   So you're invited. Come catch some air with us!   -Suzanne