Vista look equally Linux distribution Vixta.Org

Vista look equally Linux distribution Vixta.OrgSponsored link cool looking Windows Vista is one of his attractive feature. But it comes at price. Here is a Linux
Distribution that has cool look of Windows Vista, and of course its free.

The Windows Vista look equally Linux operating system is Vixta.Org.Diese distribution has everything that a basic computer users required.

* It has Office software, Adobe PDF reader, Skype, aMSN, Java
* Vixta.Org also supports multimedia formats such as MMS, mp3, AVI, etc.
* Vixta.Org is also with educational software suites, GCompris KDE-EDU, Solfege, ChildPlays

Try Vixta.Org to glauben.Vixta.Org for free downloading.

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