Send SMS text messages via the Web for free

Send SMS text messages via the Web for FreeSponsored link the Menlo Park, California based company that "Your phone left" to Wen, Jaxtr, announced that its members now free can send SMS to mobile phones in 38 countries directly from your Jaxtr home page.

Those are unfamiliar should know to listen privately hold worldwide Jaxtr users of callers during your existing phone number can.The service uses works with any phone including the normal landline required ist.Jaxtr is phones and no download currently over ten million people in 220 countries.

Comment a co-founder and COO Touraj Parang said the announcement Jaxtr: "" to SMS your friends and family abroad, whether or not they are currently members of the Jaxtr sind.Im moment for a free account with login is the world literally hand. ""