Screen saver to make YouTube videos from PowerPoint

Can screen saver, YouTube videos from PowerPointSponsored link at some point I have some questions: as screensaver from Powerpoint(PPT)-Datei and film from PPT files to create that can uploaded to YouTube or Google video. One of this tutorial answers two frequently asked questions for you.

To create a picture screensavers from PowerPoint slides.

Create an empty folder "My pictures" on your hard disk.Now open the .ppt or .pps in Microsoft PowerPoint file and click File-> Save as. Select "Advanced WMF" from the type drop-down list and click "Every Slide"

Make Screensavers with powerpointYour PowerPoint presentation is now available as EMF file in a Ordner.Klicken with right click the Desktop-> Properties-> screen saver and choose the "my picture slide show" Bildschirmschoner.Suchen the folder where you store the PPT, and finished. [Disable "Use Transition Effects" for best results]

Known as PowerPoint to YouTube or Google video upload.

You must first convert PPT files movies or FLV files.Then you can upload to YouTube or Google video.

There are two option here - either run PowerPoint as a full screen slide show and capture desktop use some screen recording software or make a movie from PowerPoint slide Bildern.Wir will use the second approach although you no longer see the animations or transitions in the PowerPoint movie.

Convert powerpoint to movies

Start a new project in Windows Movie Maker and import (CTRL + I) the entire folder of images in the timeline which we in the screen saver hack above erstellt.wechseln to storyboard in WMM, drag the image on timeline and select Tools-> Options-> erweitert.Jetzt can change the image duration and transition duration (keep this for a minimum value) when finished the movie file - yours is now a video PowerPoint.