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How is it Jangl, send voice mail to any mobile EmailSponsored link excellent service, you free voicemail can send to each mobile phone via email. What is special that Jangl it back, number-sharing provides a local number for the recipient of the message to call without your real. The recipient can get you connected and pay only local calling fees from almost anywhere in the world. And more...

Jangl: "... through a voice mail from e-mail, you and anyone with Department can delivered connected are very fast, local telephone numbers, even if your phone is allowed not to dial international numbers.""And now, it's pretty much kostenlos.Das is pretty cool."Jangl features:

* Send free voicemail to each e-Mail address.
* Call your Jangl contacts in over 30 countries and pay you can only local calling fees zu.Sie mobile or standard phone line.
* Contacts call routing: forward you contacts to voicemail, or connect directly to your phone.
Create custom call routing settings for each contact
* Voicemail alerts: get voicemail alerts via e-Mail or mobile text messages (carrier may apply).
Hear your voicemail on the Jangl website as well as all other standard select options
* Embed you Jangl 'Call Me' Widget on your blog, website or profile page (social, business, dating, etc.. in).
* Your phone number is always secure and invisible to the caller.
Block unwanted contacts
* Note: Jangl Service is only local calling prices while frei.Beim calling from a mobile phone, regardless of destination) apply the beta version.
* Questions? see Jangl FAQ page.

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