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Create your name card for Deyey is a Hong Kong based to provide the service companies to create free name card, which your online tools FreeSponsored link.

Anyone get approximately 100 MB for anmelden.Benutzer can use the memory, save your name card, search and save other name card or even as a personal online storage.

Create your name card for free Create a name card Deyey is extremely easy for beginners.First choose a background from the galleries, then go versehen.Danach with your logo can more information about how such as company name to add address and telephone number.It is a Flash-based application is very user friendly.

After you create your name card you save, so that other users Deyey search k├Ânnen.Dies is how Deyey help you to promote your business.

As a personal supplies probably not 100 MB enough ist.vielleicht you will increase your memory or perhaps paid package add more memory.

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