Picasa Tip: Super fast full screen preview

Picasa Tip: Super fast full screen PreviewSponsored link here is a secret key sequence fullscreen view your pictures in Picasa. If you are in the library view, move your mouse over each thumbnail image holding the "CTRL" key and then pressing "ALT" key. You immediately receive a full screen view of the image.

Once to your finger off making "ALT" key, returned to the regular library view.This trick is help the current picture in detail anzeigen.Dieser trick works on the current photo if you in edit are.

If you are looking to a few adjacent thumbnails with the advantage of a full screen view quickly compare, leaves simply the wheel if you the CTRL-ALT key combo use. (this is particularly useful when importing a Clump similar photos and want to decide quickly.)
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Screen saver to make YouTube videos from PowerPoint

Can screen saver, YouTube videos from PowerPointSponsored link at some point I have some questions: as screensaver from Powerpoint(PPT)-Datei and film from PPT files to create that can uploaded to YouTube or Google video. One of this tutorial answers two frequently asked questions for you.

To create a picture screensavers from PowerPoint slides.

Create an empty folder "My pictures" on your hard disk.Now open the .ppt or .pps in Microsoft PowerPoint file and click File-> Save as. Select "Advanced WMF" from the type drop-down list and click "Every Slide"

Make Screensavers with powerpointYour PowerPoint presentation is now available as EMF file in a Ordner.Klicken with right click the Desktop-> Properties-> screen saver and choose the "my picture slide show" Bildschirmschoner.Suchen the folder where you store the PPT, and finished. [Disable "Use Transition Effects" for best results]

Known as PowerPoint to YouTube or Google video upload.

You must first convert PPT files movies or FLV files.Then you can upload to YouTube or Google video.

There are two option here - either run PowerPoint as a full screen slide show and capture desktop use some screen recording software or make a movie from PowerPoint slide Bildern.Wir will use the second approach although you no longer see the animations or transitions in the PowerPoint movie.

Convert powerpoint to movies

Start a new project in Windows Movie Maker and import (CTRL + I) the entire folder of images in the timeline which we in the screen saver hack above erstellt.wechseln to storyboard in WMM, drag the image on timeline and select Tools-> Options-> erweitert.Jetzt can change the image duration and transition duration (keep this for a minimum value) maximum.save when finished the movie file - yours is now a video PowerPoint.

Transferring DVD movies by Yahoo Messenger

Transmit DVD movies via Yahoo MessengerSponsored link although the Internet bandwidth has improved a lot in the most part of the world but mail attachments are now limited to some MB. To his very difficult when you transfer your DVD movie or music collection to your friend who is far apart geographically quiet. But Yahoo Messenger for Vista is to work to resolve your data to ensure transfer.

The new Yahoo Messenger for Vista, which is in preview release can use up to 2 Giga bytes to your friends to übertragen.Unglaublich!.

There are some more features, by new Yahoo Messenger for Vista offered.
New contact list feature to change the size of the contact icons in Windows Explorer in Windows Vista.Enhanced of animated smiley's for your feelings ausdrücken.Neue colors for each chat window to easily window tabs of a single window.Drag and drop contacts list page gadget for frequent and easy conversations.Wanna initiate chat differentiate individual windows.Combine/docking try it? of course need Windows Vista to haben.Download Yahoo Messenger for Vista.

Send SMS text messages via the Web for free

Send SMS text messages via the Web for FreeSponsored link the Menlo Park, California based company that "Your phone left" to Wen, Jaxtr, announced that its members now free can send SMS to mobile phones in 38 countries directly from your Jaxtr home page.

Those are unfamiliar should know to listen privately hold worldwide Jaxtr users of callers during your existing phone number can.The service uses works with any phone including the normal landline required ist.Jaxtr is phones and no download currently over ten million people in 220 countries.

Comment a co-founder and COO Touraj Parang said the announcement Jaxtr: "" to SMS your friends and family abroad, whether or not they are currently members of the Jaxtr sind.Im moment for a free account with jaxtr.com login is the world literally hand. ""

10 Services to send text messages from the Web

10 Services to send text messages from the WebSponsored link sometimes need a text Messager but please forget your phone or have a poor cell reception. So what do? We have started some Web sites to ensure you stay in touch with your friends, family or even your customers.

OhDontForget.com - not only you can text people, you can schedule for later delivery.
How to send sms for freeSMSGupShup.com - a system can send a text message to a number and you are then, each Member that belongs to your group, up to 5,000 people in size again.

How to send sms for free Swaggle.mobi - a service for small groups to SMS each other at once; accessible, iPhone and the Web.
How to send sms for freeYahoo Mobile - Yahoo Mobile, you can send the phone text messages and receive; to send SMS; burdened, but the recipient can standard fees for receiving or charged responses.
How to send sms for freeYellowpipe - mainly a Web host, but to offer when you pass quickly from a text quickly and easily SMS functionality.Allow you return number.

How to send sms for freeBloove.com - get your phone contacts on the Bloove website and sign up and manage as well how to send text messages directly from the site.

How to send sms for freeClearSMS.com - a professional company SMSing service mass messages to your customers send you about special offers and sales to warnen.Alle are messages in credits, you buy one more assigned as needed.

How to send sms for freeGizmoSMS.com - GizmoSMS can text to users in over 50 countries send one a slew carriers within each derjenigen. While it is free to use, it allows to not space to identify itself except in the body of the text.

How to send sms for freeGroup2Call.com - you can import contacts, you split up into groups and all free texts, the you senden.Bietet the opportunity to broadcast voice messages but have a limited supply of those.

How to send sms for freeJaxtr.com - requires a the person, you want the widget to text (like here shown above) to your blog or social networking profile installed, but if it is available, you can can is a member, if you live the all 38 countries in one.
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How to send sms for free

Make like funny photo

As for fun PhotoSponsored link, while there are tons of online tools that help you a funny photo make, I commend with photo fun for your idea-it's easy and customizable.

Step1: Go to photo fun and select an effect (I used Paris Hilton effect on this image).

Step2: Select your Foto.Klicken you browser, and then choose OK, your photo

Now you have a funny picture!

How to find invisible Yahoo

You find Yahoo InvisibleSponsored link some of your friends sometimes appear in Yahoo Messenger offline may not actually offline, in the 'Invisible' mode.This perhaps can when attempting to ignore or are too busy to talk with someone.

Xeeber is one of the very good site I have came over in exact ever.Everything you need to do is, friends Yahoo ID, and the site simply type the image shows the Rest.Status of friends and also his.

I have tested the site and it is quite good funktioniert.Dies is girl is my hide.

Seems this site to display a message may be due to some heavy burden ' sever only a few seconds is sometimes utilized.

Make a full screen 3D wall of photos with PicLens browser

Make your browser a fullscreen 3D wall of photos with PicLensSponsored link here a nice photo view add to your Web browser for those who are tired of conventional slideshows. The PicLens provides a 3D-Foto-Diashow in your browser.

Its very simple photos on a 3D wall in your browser view.Press and hold the mouse pointer just on the image of the website has good collection of photos and click wird.Sie the game icon above the image appears a 3D view receive wall, you browser through all photos can help.

PicLens most photo support sites such as Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, Fotki, FotoTime, Deviant type, Smugmug etc. hosten.Es also support social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, Friendster.And of course for the versatile image from Google, Yahoo, live, AOL and ask.

PicLens is definieren.versuchen in new action areas in photo slideshow with its 3D full screen wall of the photo you only once to addictive!Receive PicLens to your Web browser.

Sub Shop you forth and convert YouTube video online with catch video

Sub Shop from and convert YouTube video online with CatchvideoSponsored link Catchvideo.net is an online 0 service that can download and convert YouTube video in different formats.

There is a set of Web services, capture and convert YouTube video to.I had in my earlier post covering some of you (very einfach-but use software you download YouTube, need a license) .Catchvideo is a service similar as with you but with more user friendly interface.

Use catch video, type the URL of YouTube video and choose the format (MPEG, McLaren mp4, mov, 3gp, mp3 and FLV support it).Press the "convert and download" Schaltfläche.normalerweise then it takes only 1 minute for the Konvertierung.Nach of the conversion you will receive a link to download videos on your local disk.

Download YouTube now!

Create your name card free of charge

Create your name card for Deyey is a Hong Kong based to provide the service companies to create free name card, which your online tools FreeSponsored link.

Anyone get approximately 100 MB for anmelden.Benutzer can use the memory, save your name card, search and save other name card or even as a personal online storage.

Create your name card for free Create a name card Deyey is extremely easy for beginners.First choose a background from the galleries, then go versehen.Danach with your logo can more information about how such as company name to add address and telephone number.It is a Flash-based application is very user friendly.

After you create your name card you save, so that other users Deyey search können.Dies is how Deyey help you to promote your business.

As a personal supplies probably not 100 MB enough ist.vielleicht you will increase your memory or perhaps paid package add more memory.

Create your name card free of charge now!

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How: create a desktop shortcut to remove USB device

How to create link a desktop shortcut to remove USB DevicesSponsored if much USB device use, I believe, to "Safely remove hardware" very often use are. If you have a lot of tray icons, you must take but probably something "Safely remove hardware" to locate the symbol. Create so why to remove no desktop shortcut to USB devices?

Step 1
Click the desktop and select new-> link.

Step 2

Enter "RunDll32.exe shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll" location.After you change the name of the shortcut.I had the name to "Remove USB".

Step 3
Create remove usb shortcutHad their link erstellt.Nun can it remove and USB device as a normal doppelklicken.Diese method works on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.

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YouTube videos two-convert animation

Convert YouTube video AnimationsSponsored link to convert YouTube videos in a GIF animation and share animation with your friends/colleagues here is a simple solution of Gickr.

Gickr is a free online service, with YouTube videos in GIF-animation convert kann.Die Gickr output animations can easily downloaded to your computer and share with your friends/colleagues.

To convert a YouTube video in GIF-animation


* Copy the URL of the YouTube video, convert and add it to convert in Gickr
* Select the size and the number of frames of output animation (you can leave it defaults)
* Click the next button

That's all! Gickr that GIF image is automatically generated and provides options for downloading the GIF or embed in your website or blog.

If you want to convert film format from diferrent can it in * .FLV file converter and can convert!

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How to convert between all popular video formats?

How to convert between all popular video formats? sponsored link would like to use your favorite movies and have a portable video player it see? Or to create a DVD for your home DVD player? Or want to copy a home video DVD in some other formats and save it on your computer? AVS Video Converter allows you to solve these problems with a few mouse clicks.

This software is free for you, you can first download AVS Video convert.

After the download is complete, run the AVSVideoConverter.exe file and follow the installation instructions.

You can convert now!

Step1: Run AVS Video Converter, and select your video input file

Select a video you want to convert, hit search...Button next to the file name field.In Windows Explorer Windows Open search for the required DVD folder:

Avs Video Convert"Note! If your entry is a DVD disc, you must select the path to the source file: X:\Video_TS\Video_TS.IFO.""X" stands for your DVD-ROM or the hard drive folder where your DVD is stored:

Avs Video ConvertIt is important, IFO file rather than the VOB file, choose, because the IFO file contains information about the entire DVD structure and thereby avoid most DVDs of audio and video de synch problems with the konvertieren.Auch have several VOB files (files with actual video) and convert VOBs instead of IFO, you must then merge them, not with the IFO files.

Step 2: Set the conversion parameters

After you select the video input file, click one of the following buttons at the top of the interface placed:

-To AVI to create video for PC, ARCHOS, Creative Zen Vision, MySpace, YouTube and Google video services;
-On DVD burning to DVD or save video in DVD format on the PC.
-To MP4 for Apple iPod support for Sony PSP, Epson P-2000/4000 or mobile phones with MPEG-4 video;
-To 3GP for mobile phones with video support for 3GPP and 3GP2.
-, MPEG to burn for a SVCD/VCD or save video in MPEG format on the PC.
-To MOV for quick time player.
-To WMV for Pocket PCs that mobile Windows OS, such as HP iPaq and portable player running: ARCHOS and Creative Zen Vision.
-To RM for real media player.
-In SWF for Adobe Flash Player.

In the list of profiles (... profile) one of the predefined profiles.
Click the profile Edit button, the profile parameters manually set.

Avs Video ConvertStep 3: Setting up a proper video output file path

Click field on the... next to output file name and choose a location for the output video file on your hard disk.

Note! If you select a location for the output video file, you should save the file on your computer hard drive.

Step 4: Convert your files

After you set up conversion parameters, press the convert now! button to start the conversion.
Avs Video ConvertYou can visually see the DVD conversion if you the advanced > key twice.

Avs Video Convert

Each mobile e-mail send voicemail

How is it Jangl, send voice mail to any mobile EmailSponsored link excellent service, you free voicemail can send to each mobile phone via email. What is special that Jangl it back, number-sharing provides a local number for the recipient of the message to call without your real. The recipient can get you connected and pay only local calling fees from almost anywhere in the world. And more...

Jangl: "... through a voice mail from e-mail, you and anyone with Department can delivered connected are very fast, local telephone numbers, even if your phone is allowed not to dial international numbers.""And now, it's pretty much kostenlos.Das is pretty cool."Jangl features:

* Send free voicemail to each e-Mail address.
* Call your Jangl contacts in over 30 countries and pay you can only local calling fees zu.Sie mobile or standard phone line.
* Contacts call routing: forward you contacts to voicemail, or connect directly to your phone.
Create custom call routing settings for each contact
* Voicemail alerts: get voicemail alerts via e-Mail or mobile text messages (carrier may apply).
Hear your voicemail on the Jangl website as well as all other standard select options
* Embed you Jangl 'Call Me' Widget on your blog, website or profile page (social, business, dating, etc.. in).
* Your phone number is always secure and invisible to the caller.
Block unwanted contacts
* Note: Jangl Service is only local calling prices while frei.Beim calling from a mobile phone, regardless of destination) apply the beta version.
* Questions? see Jangl FAQ page.

Jangl introduction

Go Jangl

New del.icio.us bookmarks extension for Firefox

New del.icio.us bookmarks extension for FirefoxSponsored link
If you move to Firefox 3 are you download this new del.icio.us bookmarks extension for Firefox 3 her.Dies is also compatible with the previous version of Firefox.

Other than the regular bookmarking features and shows delicious blog this add-on new del.icio.us links and all network activity in the Firefox status bar selbst.Aus.

Now, simply add to a content from a website to your bookmarks!

Learn more about RSS on video

Learn more about link RSS via VideoSponsored, what is RSS? Sometimes, visiting a site (or blog) you can this text: subscribe via feed (or RSS) read. But you know what is RSS?

RSS is short for really simple syndication and is used feed format a Web, frequently updated content, is the best way to keep track of the latest content on your favorite blogs blog entries, news headlines, or podcasts to veröffentlichen.RSS.

I encourage you more information about RSS with these videos...

1. Learn the basics of RSS commoncraft.

2. Sally has no idea of RSS and learns to in an RSS reader using Firefox and Thunderbird Web feeds.

3. Learn step-by-step use of RSS feeds with Google Reader

4. Find many uses of RSS feeds and to other feed using reader.

5. A comment on RSS feeds, and why you integrate into your Web-browsing life motivated you sollten.erhalten to do this, start now with RSS.

BitDefender free 6 months key

BitDefender free 6 months BitDefender KeySponsored link license offered a free 180 day license key promotion for computer users today. This registration is intended for the following products; Internet Security 2008, BitDefender of Antivirus 2008 and total security 2008. I am not sure how long takes the offer but if you try to set to better get you fast.

The free BitDefender system go to this page. It is obvious for Italian, on the promotion side judge intended. Corresponds to the first field and second field, your first name and surname or. Select either of the above 3 products give your e-Mail address and forget you do not enter the CAPTCHA.The license key should in your Inbox shortly darauf.Die applications can directly from this page be downloaded.
Bitdefender free 6 months license keyDetails of additional products look for those to BitDefender chart for comparison go. for me I select definitely BitDefender total security 2008 are enthält.So because everything the other 2 product is Server Beeilen you, before it is gone.

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10 Best MOM blogger resources

His 100th anniversary of mothers day and top MOM bloggers celebrate blogger ResourcesSponsored link 10 best Mama day worldwide. Like thousands of MOM bloggers about children, parenting, maternity and busy lifestyle talk continues, we some resources that for best Mami bloggers out there... stress

* Moms@Alltop - a collection of RSS feed headlines from the upper MOM bloggers in the blogosphere on a home Seite.Ihre for tracking the best content from moms make blog.

* 50 Best of MOM blogs - Vanessa van Petten has ordered a large Runde-Up of favorite MOM blogger with reviews and some of the most popular items of each blog.

* Ultimate Mami blog list - Guy Kawasaki has a list of blogger Mami assembled and will try to be the final list of blogs for moms.

* Mommys @ BlogHer - BlogHer is a top Guide to blogs by women through annual conferences, a Web network.Review the MOM blogger list.

* Hottest Mami bloggers - is the search on the blogger Choice Award.Topping are the lists since I so Dooce, Karen Cheng snippets of life, pioneer woman, sarcastic MOM Ashleys closet said.

* Blogcatalog: Mother of blog - is a collection of MOM blogger.There are over 900 MOM blogs!

* Top 100 MOM of blogs Awards - mothers day central know MOM blogger difficult and run blogs work help also other moms.You additional recognition shared in 2007, but always still useful.

* The MOM salon - where collect women, to smart MOM blogs on a directory, you the category based on finden.treten networking your mother blogger Club - their social space for MOM blogger.

* The MOM blogs - a directory of Moms Blog.Hier are the best rated MOM blogs.

* Best Momblogs ever - ever project compiled best ever of MOM blog and vote, notify, add all other Super MOM of blogs draußen.Powered by Squidoo.Topping the charts are Sprittibee, mummy of Chronicles.

Thanks to [quickonlinetips]

Loading YouTube quickly with Firefox add on

Quickly download Firefox Add OnSponsored link YouTube Download YouTube sometimes it very slowly. Many way to YouTube are fast to load. A Firefox Add-on today YouTube recommend to load quickly.

Step1: Download additional (compatible with Firefox3)

Install and restart Firefox

Step2: Go - tool-> Add - ons-> extension
Get better YouTube see, click option

Load youtube quickly with firefox add-onSelect
YouTube alternate video player (autoplay No)
YouTube Download:

Load youtube quickly with firefox add-on

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Vista look equally Linux distribution Vixta.Org

Vista look equally Linux distribution Vixta.OrgSponsored link cool looking Windows Vista is one of his attractive feature. But it comes at price. Here is a Linux
Distribution that has cool look of Windows Vista, and of course its free.

The Windows Vista look equally Linux operating system is Vixta.Org.Diese distribution has everything that a basic computer users required.

* It has Office software, Adobe PDF reader, Skype, aMSN, Java
* Vixta.Org also supports multimedia formats such as MMS, mp3, AVI, etc.
* Vixta.Org is also with educational software suites, GCompris KDE-EDU, Solfege, ChildPlays

Try Vixta.Org to glauben.Vixta.Org for free downloading.

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Cut online MP3 audio file to Rigntone without registration

Cut to make MP3 audio file online, Rigntone no RegistrationSponsored link, there are number of MP3 software available, even some are available free of charge to cut. But with the beginning of Web 2.0 software on the server side and being used as services is pressed. Then we have of course to make a service for cutting mp3 files, ringtones for your mobile phone.

I came upon a website makeownringtone.com, which make your own ringtones from mp3, Ogg, and WMA file formats.It can ringtones in mp3, Ogg, AAC, McLaren mp4, mmf, type MPC and qcp are formats.Also some audio processing cost options in advanced and expert modes verfügbar.Alles is available for free and without any application or registration.

free mp3 toolIn fact help determine ringtone you by closing the desired music waveforms or song of this online ringtone converter Service.Einmal range for the production of ringtone, you simply click the button "MAKE A ringtone" and select to retrieve the ringtone file select.You can either download the sound on your computer or a WAP connection cannot be obtained, so that you can download the ringtone in your phone.

If you select the entire part uploaded mp3, Ogg, and WMA file and select the output as mp3, Ogg, AAC, McLaren mp4, mmf, MPC or qcp format, then you this as a service for mp3 files in AAC, McLaren mp4, mmf, MPC and qcp formats konvertieren.stellen you your own ringtone now.
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Download free easy to use accounting software from Microsoft

Sub Shop free easy to use accounting software from Microsoft free accounting software for business, Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008, which are well with Microsoft Office products integrated MicrosoftSponsored link forth.

Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008 is an accounting software, but you can make it online transactions through PayPal, eBay listing, import the data to excel, CSV and other document formats also help erstellen.Dies you to create and manage invoices, track time and costs and Bank.

The Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008 is designed for us and UK based small Unternehmen.Und all this accounting function in the bundle software available is free of charge from Microsoft.

Sub Shop you Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008 forth
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Download Fedora core 9

Download Fedora core 9 for FreeSponsored link
The last sibling Fedora family of Linux, Fedora core 9, presents the latest free and open source software.

Fedora comes with all world class software for word processing, development of software, multimedia, graphics, games, system utilities, electronic development tools, scientific tools, databases, servers and cool 3D desktop.Everything is free of charge.

His value for non Linux users, or try to Miss go. of course its a golden spring the satisfaction and happiness for Linux users.

Download Fedora core 9 for free to experience creativity and innovation.

Download free McAfee VirusScan Plus Special Edition

Download free McAfee VirusScan Plus Special EditionSponsored link AOL a partnership with McAfee comprehensive series free security tools available to you on to deliver the market. McAfee VirusScan Plus - Special Edition from AOL is the result of this partnership.

This software provides
* To protect anti-virus: your entire PC.
* Spyware protection: to block potentially unwanted programs.
* Firewall: Hackers help keep.

System requirements
Windows Vista: 800 MHz processor or higher, 512 MB RAM, 200 MB of disk space.
Windows 2000 (SP4 +), XP (SP1 +): 500 MHz processor or higher, 256 MB RAM, 200 MB of disk space.

This comprehensive set of security tools is provided free of cost with an aol.com email ID.

Download free McAfee VirusScan software

Sub Shop Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and expression Studio for free contains if you are a student

Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and expression for free, if you are StudentSponsored link within promoting Microsoft software on the younger generation, is Studio Microsoft removed its famous products free of charge, grant students. Application named DreamSpark, says "it has all students Microsoft - Professional - type level developer and design tools free of charge, to chase your dreams and create the next big breakthrough in technology - or just to get a head start on your career", has was launched it aimed, create trust and awareness among the young generations about the MS products.

The products that are aufgereihten for DreamSpark, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition, Microsoft Expression Studio, XNA Game Studio 2.0, XNA Creators Club online and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition.Alles free!.

If a student then are heard Switzerland and Belgium, one of the accredited schools in USA, UK, Canada, China, Germany, France, Finland, Spain, Sweden, were lucky, selbst.Microsoft that this free offer today mentioned also that you will work direction to add their DreamSpark program to other countries and schools.

Download free Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional and expression Studio