Xperia X10 will get Android upgrade

Putting an end to all the speculation, Sony Ericsson have confirmed that the Xperia X10 will eventually be updated to a newer version of Android at some point of time after its launch. Addressing questions from fans and critics whether the X10’s Android 1.6 OS will prove to be competitive enough in the long run, Sumit Malhotra on the SE Product blog has confirmed that ‘there will be a software update for the X10 that will upgrade the complete Sony Ericsson User Experience Platform based on newer version of the Android OS.’

He also said " I have faced head to head comparisons between Xperia X10 and generic 2.1 Android devices (as well as other OS) and carriers have concluded that we still stand strong in comparison. This because of the layer that we ad on top of the generic OS."

Keep in mind that Timescape is Sony Ericsson's way of organizing and displaying contacts, communications and social networking. Mediascape works in much the same way to handle videos, photos and music.

Hence in all probability, X10 will launch with Android 1.6 which will be updated to a ‘newer Android version’ later. Sony Ericsson has however not specified which version it’ll eventually be updated to, although am hoping its 2.1.

So I guess this should make quite a few people happy :)