XPERIA X10 mini previewed

The folks at GsmArena have previewed the small yet powerful - Xperia X10 mini and they're pretty impressed. Here's what they had to say:

When you're experimenting you want to make sure you minimize mistakes. Well, the first thing about the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini is it just can't be a big mistake. In fact, the only way for it to go wrong would be the price. The pint-sized package may be taken to imply half price. Let's be clear though: it may be a dwarf droid but it still is a full-featured smartphone.
So, this experiment could well be a success. They tried to create a mini handset without sacrificing performance and they simply nailed it.
The touch-optimized interface makes great use of the limited screen estate and the performance is excellent. As snappy as they get, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini only has a few things missing on its specs sheet.
That's why it's a particularly easy handset to recommend - if you are happy with the specs, you might as well go ahead and buy it - the phone will deliver. There won't be any nasty surprises and the handset even has a trick or two up its sleeve.
To make it even simpler - the XPERIA X10 mini is not burdened with the kind of responsibility the original X10 will have to deal with. Instead it brings all the smartphone basics, garnished with a snappy CPU and served in a body that every pocket can take.
It may be that Sony Ericsson have found an empty niche in this busy market. The XPERIA X10 could be too unusual to catch on, too small to get noticed but certainly not afraid to make a stand.