A new beginning

Hello Everyone!

2010 seems to be sort of a new beginning for Sony Ericsson. Most of the new products are pretty refreshing and reminds me of the good old days ;) I had been looking to change the site design for quite some time now and I finally got some spare time which enabled me to tinker around a bit.

Hence a refreshing new '2010' look, keeping in sync with what's happening at Sony Ericsson this year, it's a new beginning for this site too :)

A few changes that I've made : switched to a magazine style layout - gives the site a more organised look, recent entries shown in the sidebar, adding options to enable better overall navigation.

Some other things in the pipeline include a flash slideshow at the top with random images, a new improved search and other optimizations.

The main goals of the photo integration were to enable a little more serendipity. There are a lot of other little Easter eggs, but those will remain an exercise for the reader :)

Note - It'll take a while to get everything up and running perfectly, so thanks for your patience. And feel free to let me know what you think!