Xperia X10 previewed, disappointing?

Eldar Murtazin, the famous editor of Mobile Review has managed to post an exhaustive preview of the Xperia X10. And as usual, he's back to bashing Sony Ericsson, something which has become quite a ritual of late.
I do agree that Sony Ericsson is at fault and the excessive delay will hamper the potential audience. However the previewer finds the device cheaply built, the screen ordinary and the OS version redundant. I beg to differ.
The X10 has been previewed quite a few times, featured in loads of hands on videos, and not once has there been a complaint about the build quality, which according to me should be stellar, keeping in tune with previous Sony Ericsson handsets.The 4.0 inch capacitive touchscreen sports a 480 x 854 pixels resolution! Pity that any non AMOLED screen nowadays isn't even given a second glance by some. What's the point of having the latest tech ( read AMOLED) if you're not able to use it outdoors due to poor sunlight legibility?

And as far as the Android OS is concerned, X10 will indeed be shipping with version 1.6. Some may find this as not so great news but Sony Ericsson has done the hard work and added most of the functionality delivered in OS version 2.1 in the X10. Coupled with the Timescape and Mediascape apps, the X10 will be able to hold its own easily. Besides, Sony Ericsson has confirmed that they'll be updating the device to a newer OS version eventually so why the fuss?

Anyway, you can check out the preview for some 'light' reading and the plethora of screenshots. Looks pretty promising to say the least.