Sony Ericsson Vivaz Reviewed

I had a feeling that this handset was different and I was right.It's just been launched and we've already got the first review. :D

Well the folks at Mobile Mail have already posted a pretty neat review of the just announced Sony Ericsson Vivaz. Here's what they had to say: ( Is been translated from Russian to English, so kindly don't mind :) )

Sony Ericsson Vivaz come March, the price I have already named: 15 990 rubles at the start. In Europe, the device will sell for 280-300 euros. In Europe, the device will sell for 280-300 euros. That is a question of price breaks all the remaining questions, the phone turns damn interesting.I find it difficult to talk about his shortcomings, because competitors are considerably more expensive and less functional.

First Vivaz devices directed against Nokia, in particular the 5800 and X6, and the company understands that Vivaz is interesting. This is much more powerful hardware platform that work with HD video, while smaller size, weight, more attractive design. I frankly like this phone, a combination of price and performance turned out perfect. And few people expected such a cost, to be honest.

I very much hope that Vivaz become popular, it will help reduce the bar prices for Symbian-smartphones, set the standard for functionality for these devices. Samsung I8910 HD is much more expensive, he plays in another league, I do not think that someone would choose between these devices. Other things being equal I would have preferred apparatus of the SE, all the same size of the phone are very good, they fit many. Compare Vivaz with Nokia X6 fails, Sony Ericsson is stronger in all parameters, with, again, cheaper. In general, by the time in early March, the apparatus will not be any significant alternatives, if we talk about the functionality of this amount. Vivaz ist really interesting.
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My take on the Vivaz

Well..irrespective of the handset design being similar to other phones, I certainly feel that Vivaz is a pretty good handset. You get almost everything the satio had except the 12mp module and xenon flash, a faster processor and a more optimized UI. I just hope that we get kinetic scrolling throughout the UI. And the icing on the cake is that its going to be launched at a retail price of 15990 rubles/ 380.326 Euros/537.553 USD/24,840 INR, which I think is a very good price. I usually wait around a month for the prices to stabilize, as the initial launch prices are usually inflated in india.

I can't actually believe myself. A month ago I was pretty sure that I wasnt even going to consider getting the device
But it looks like a better ( and cheaper) bet than getting the satio. If I don't manage to save enough for the X10, I'm going to get this 'beauty' ( It's not exactly that , but the leaked pics didnt do justice).