Something slightly different: Google a nexus review

Review the Google nexus
Yes, I picked up a Google nexus a.It is for me my first serious foray in Android and the land of eclairs, Donuts, and Cupcakes.Googles full touch screen phone me, my two-week-old Nokia N900 completely delete would attract?

The nexus-one is a beautiful phone.Zeitraum.Es feels expensive - contrast, that to the N900 which is just as high-quality plastic to most - and HTC a large work with has done the look and feel. The front and the pages are some kind of metallic plastic mix while the rear cover is feeling a rubbery (but cheap rubber). It is to launch super thin and well built.
The touch screen is a large WVGA (800 × 480) 3.7″-AMOLED display and quite simply sees everything excellent darauf.Ich, however, admit that I am not a big fan of the nexus of one's capacitive touch screen. Very finicky - sometimes receive tap on the screen are futile while the phone completely ignored. It is not common occur, an unpleasant. Say what you will but I had to deal with more resistiv window because I think as my fingernail taps far more correct somewhat less sensitive to the N900.
The complaint also covers the virtual keyboard I found less than satisfactory. I have entered 90% of the words on this phone, probably incorrectly.I could not just get it and it was more a hindrance than a help. And the on-screen keyboard in the portrait? also you not me started.
Other issues with the phone hardware are fairly minor: extend the camera lens a little from the back of the phone and you are probably at the end of accidentally it cover several times as habe.Die trackball in general except for the times if I edit text (I could not to insert the cursor in any text with a precision apparently) had also useful. The speaker was loud could - have, above all, because it is the sound with the back of the phone when the phone is flat is muted. Some calls you, which definitely missed.
Finally, battery life was above average.I never really was sufficient in any danger of battery life, but keep in mind I was as I am still on at&T and the nexus one conveniently missing at & t's 850 / 1900 bands with EDGE instead of HSPA.
The latest version of the Android 2.1, is extremely easy to use and equally well suited for beginners and experts smartphone users. It is most super fast, stylish and intuitive.Zum at least. A nuisance: the nexus of one of the home screen, which does not support landscape mode. Not sound a Biggie right?Try it with the Google search widget without keyboard landscape: the devil close to impossible.
Because this a Google phone, there are a lot of integration with Google core platforms - Gmail, talk, maps, etc.The applications are pretty much what you would expect honest. Gmail works gut.Google talk works well. Cards works well, but I had not much use for it without a date type for my car.
One of the new features of that brings in the nexus one table is speech recognition or speech to text.Voice search worked surprisingly well recognize really basic Chinesisch.Das was cool.Realistic but not this appears a useful form, until we reach the point where you normally only can speak text of sprinkling in voice commands with speech to text messages and searches.(as in say, iron man)
What I really liked about the software was the little polishing the nexus one stand out from the competition.By things like a running list of functions which use most battery that last time since the free passed (why not every phone has), live means wallpaper, the and even the factory reset, what actually like a factory reset and completely removes all traces of their information (unfortunately your applications with it).Super smooth kinetic scrolling everywhere was a cherry on top.
As for multi-tasking, well, I still get not diese.Ich have really no idea what applications at any time are open.It is actually somewhat annoying.Can this but with some third-party applications (advanced task killer) fix.It seems only type one strange that an external application would need to do so.
There is also no multi touch, which I am sure I will say a number of people at many levels in verstoßen.Anreise from which nothing with multi-telecommunications networks less telephones can that I it really vermisst.Eine review by the Engadget review made a good point though - the lack of multi touch is certainly violated gaming opportunities for your phone.
Compare the nexus one to the N900
The nexus one has a lot for it gehen.Es is faster and has a much better interface than the N900.Es a hell of many more applications that Android app store as likely ever store on Nokia Ovi werden.Und yet... I am my N900 multi tasking is much more robust halten.Die keyboard is far more reliable and - may be the main reason - I think like me with my phone maemo-powered have more control.
Of course, is this thinking for jedermann.Es is a good chance, my priorities differ from Ihnen.Wenn you search for a good iPhone replacement, is there with the best ' em nexus One.Es could be even the next best to the iPhone.
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