The N900 provides the first (mini) update

January 12, 2010
Do you have a N900? Large. Pack the first firmware update, published today. It is the application manager terrestrial popular available.Ask before you upgrade, you app. Manager if you back up your phone möchten.Ich suggest it.

Only 18.5 MB and the only changes I can see so far are the update:
-Neue symbols for the application manager
-Faster performance when switching applications
-Browser seems noticeably faster
Phone is reset to the default of Nokia NSeries topic.
-Missed call phone now show up as blue instead of Red
-Catalog added the repository list Ovi catalog and Mozilla.
-Auch wurden.Yuck seems updated as my Internet radio stations.
-"Red pill mode" (allows installing Debian packages .deb) has been removed
Other users are talk.maemo less lag in the media player "All albums" cannot view reporting.Ich confirm this, but then not have that many albums on here, only 33 or so.
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