Instructions: Can only any on the Nokia N900

The final result jump to/FAQ for the Nokia N900.

Get on the Nokia N900 learning curve can be a long, arduous process. I am here to make things a little easier.Essentially this result jump to/FAQ is a collection of all the things I have learned that so far, so expect, more in the future to erhalten.Und if you have questions or suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments.

First things FirstGet Nokia N900 manual

Nokia has the N900 manual in PDF form available.

Do stuff in maemo 5Make of a call

You must phone application starten.Dies can occur in two ways:

1. Press the power button and select handset from the drop down menu.
2. Tap on the "Phone" icon in the menu (tap the link button twice, to get the standard application menu)

You can add a phone app link to all your desktops.

Switch to silent or airplane mode

Press the power button, and then click either silent or offline (airplane mode) .you can also tap the clock on your desktop, and then select profile to go to silence.

Change my ringtone or other tone settings

Fire up settings (in the main menu command available), and select Profile.Es is at the top right that most option.

Locking the screen

Lock the screen in three ways:

1. Using the hardware lock/unlock switch is located on the bottom of the phone
2. Press the power button and select lock screen and buttons
3. Press the button twice.

I prefer the third method because the lock switch in one is quite cumbersome on-site.

Switch to another application

The N900 is all about the Multitasking.Tippen just the application in the menu icon (links corner, top it is stacked icon with two fields above on the other) or press CTRL BACKSPACE on the Tastatur.Dies a list of current running Anwendungen.Tippen shows the application in the menu pane again, to access the main menu.

One change contact information

Believe it or not, you must find instead run the "contacts" application this from the telephone Anwendung.Sie in the main contacts app Befehl.Die can merge you phone and IM contacts.

Find my N900 IMEI and MAC address

Launch the settings application, and scroll all the way down to about Produkt.Sie version.Check see also phone firmware total memory available

Start the settings application and leaves you to Speicher.Durch tap button details give a breakdown of the sizes of the other file types.Change desktop theme or background

Tap to view on any desktop and keep for 2 seconds or tap anywhere on the screen and you the eingeblendet.Tippen then the gear icon, then tap the title bar of "desktop menu", to go to the "change background"and"themes" in the menu options.

You toggle switch Bluetooth

Tap on any desktop view on the clock status Bereich.Von here from you - and turn off Bluetooth, quickly navigate to the clock application, and disable or enable you the current Internet connection.

Enable the landscape/portrait sensor for phone calls

Start the application phone (button)