Flash S500 To W580 using XS++

Flash S500 To W580 using XS++

Welome To The Tutorial !! We Now Flash S500 To W580 !!!!

By flashing You Get Most of the features of w580
The Best being Walkman 2 !
You will then have a Very Cool Phone !



1. Terms of Agreement
2. Terms to Know
3. Safety Tips
4. Plan of action
6. Backup of GDFS
7. Flashing Main
8. Thanksgiving
Terms of agreement

By following this guide you recognize that SE-NSE or the XS++ Team or Me take no responsibility for any damage caused to your handset while doing so, having said that, it is very unlikely that you will.
If you do not agree to these terms leave this page now.
Terms to know

Firmware: The software that makes up the entirety of your phone. The firmware consists of:

GDFS: This piece of firmware contains the settings, attributes, and essential components needed to make the phone fully functional. Damaging this will automatically corrupt it, rendering your phone useless. This guide will explain how to backup this necessary component incase it becomes corrupt. Backup of this is necessary because this component is unique to every phone, meaning that no two GDFS will be the same. Flashing a different
GDFS, whether it says it is clean or not, will result in an automatic death of your phone .

FS ( FileSystem ): This firmware file contains all the files that run your phone (Sound files, menu files, etc.) Every time you flash a new FS onto your phone, you will need to customize
the phone, or you will experience an error.

MAIN: The Operating System (OS) of your phone. Without this, the phone will not run, and will not turn on. After a MAIN file has been flashed, the phone does not need to be customized.

Custompack ( Customization, Custompack ): This is usually a directory that contains files the initialize, or activate, the phones FS. Without this, you will get an Error whenever you start up your phone. Every time you flash a new FS onto your phone, you must flash a Custompack. Flashing a new MAIN, however does not require you to flash a Custompack. However, flashing a MAIN and a FS at the same time will require a Custompack, because you flashed a FS.

XS++: A program that is very useful and easy to flash your phone with. I personally prefer this over SETool 2 Lite, because as many people say, SETool 2 Lite is a GUI minefield, in the sense that all the buttons are crammed together, and if you’re not careful, pressing the wrong button will kill your phone. XS++ is the prime tool for flashing and customizing your phone, because you can flash a FS, MAIN, and Custompack in oneflashing session. This guide is now using XS++2.x, with updated loaders, which now results in fast customization.

SEUS. Sony Ericsson Update Service. This free online service from SE will update your phone to the latest firmware available for your operator. Sometimes your operator may not have signed off on new firmware releases, meaning branded handsets often don't get the latest firmware when updated via SEUS.When you update your firmware using SEUS, all your settings, user files and call history are preserved. Most other methods that will be mentioned here will wipe user settings and files.

MyPhoneExplorer : Use This to backup all Contacts !

Safety Tips

Don't flash corrupt main into your phone ! XS++ flashing process may be get stuck in between !
So Use the Generic Main given here which is tested and works !!

Keep the battery at 90-100 % charge...!! This is necessary...

A Physics Lesson : As battery charge goes down the potential across the terminals falls down...!! Its Obvious from conservation of energy . Enjoy You learned something new !! Lesson ends..!

While using XS++ don't load your computers processor !!
Your Computer should not hang in between !!
And also Power should not shutdown !! ( i mean computer must not shutdown )

Plan Of Action

First backup GDFS and Then We Flash in a W580 Main !!!
Flashing the FS is very much possible but not recommended because we have tested and been successful only with w580i Main
Last time when a phone was flashed with both Main and FS .. It worked for 10 days and crashed and its EROM was damaged ( not much because woton does free repair ) but still we don't take risk

While mirko750 has flashed his s500 with a w580 Main and its working flawless to date !!

Downloads :
1. SEUS : Download
2. XS++ 2.2 : Click here !
3. W580 Main .... Thanks to mirko750 ... [url=http://www.esnips.com/doc/f6123380-170c-4361-b6fd-d0be68cdceb3/W580_R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED52]Download here
Guide Starts :

0. Install SEUS ! Reason >> It install all the required drivers for flashing !! which will be used by XS++ !!

1. Backup GDFS ! >> Thanks To Rekoil !

Backing up the GDFS isn't something which necessarily has to be done when flashing firmware, but it is a very good way to ensure you don't damage your phone beyond repair.

Step 1.
Take battery out of phone and put back in (do not turn phone on). Open XS++ and click Connect. Hold down the C button on the phones keypad and connect the USB cable.

Step 2.
Click on the GDFS tab as shown in the picture.

Step 3.
Click Backup GDFS and wait (shouldn't take more than about half a minute).

Step 4.

Flashing The Main !

Now the real flashing
Turn off your phone. Start XS++ . Select USB
Remove the SIM and Memory Card . Reinsert battery.
Click on connect in XS++ and then holding C ( as in SEUS update ) connect your phone to

the USB cable ( with in 30 seconds )
it gets detected then release the C key
The left screen will display your phone details including your firmware version

EROM CID should be CID52. OTP CID should be 51. ( Your Phone Must satisfy this condition for flashing )

Click ' .…’ and select the firmware file W580_R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED52.mbn
( keep other options unchecked)

hit the flash button and relax !! it will show finished after loading
when done Exit XS++ and disconnect phone........
well u can now start your phone no problems( insert sim first)

Information :

Radio won't work because the phone does not have a radio tuner.. the phone just searches for stations !
Even the shake feature won't work .. !

Rest everything should work..!

And Thanks to The Creators of XS++ with which this would have not been possible !!

You Can check out this tutorial for customization !