Sony Ericsson Yari Reviewed

The folks at GsmArena have just posted a review of the Sony Ericsson Yari. Here's what they had to say:
We were very excited about the Sony Ericsson Yari when we started the review. The camera-tracked gesture control combined with accelerometer action is a move in the right direction for gaming â€" just look at the sales of the Nintendo Wii compared to PlayStation 3 for example (and the Wii just uses an accelerometer-enabled controller, it can’t do the camera gesture trick).
But the more advanced of the two preinstalled games â€" Tennis â€" has the equivalent to two buttons for control â€" one to press and release to serve and another to press when the game prompts you to hit the ball. While using the camera instead of physical buttons is impressive, the game itself is simpler than Guitar Hero â€" and you don’t get Rock Band style multiplayer fun either.
And the primary camera was quite a surprise â€" an unpleasant surprise. From the makers of impressive Cybershot cameraphones, not tweaking the camera contrast is a major blunder. The weak signal reception and poor keypad mean that the Yari doesn’t do so well as a phone either. And what’s with the gaming keys that have such limited use?
But there were some high points â€" the Sony Ericsson Yari could easily live up to the Walkman series name, though it isn’t officially part of that range. And SatNav navigation for feature phones is hard to come by, even if you’re willing to pay for it. The push email support is a great feature, though we would have liked a preinstalled IM client too.
The Sony Ericsson Yari is not a very expensive phone so maybe we shouldn’t be too hard on it â€" after all, it offers a great package for the price.

Read their complete Sony Ericsson Yari Review

The N900 provides the first (mini) update

January 12, 2010
Do you have a N900? Large. Pack the first firmware update, published today. It is the application manager terrestrial popular available.Ask before you upgrade, you app. Manager if you back up your phone möchten.Ich suggest it.

Only 18.5 MB and the only changes I can see so far are the update:
-Neue symbols for the application manager
-Faster performance when switching applications
-Browser seems noticeably faster
Phone is reset to the default of Nokia NSeries topic.
-Missed call phone now show up as blue instead of Red
-Catalog added the repository list Ovi catalog and Mozilla.
-Auch wurden.Yuck seems updated as my Internet radio stations.
-"Red pill mode" (allows installing Debian packages .deb) has been removed
Other users are talk.maemo less lag in the media player "All albums" cannot view reporting.Ich confirm this, but then not have that many albums on here, only 33 or so.
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The N900 provides the first (major) update: PR1. 1
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Something slightly different: Google a nexus review

Review the Google nexus
Yes, I picked up a Google nexus a.It is for me my first serious foray in Android and the land of eclairs, Donuts, and Cupcakes.Googles full touch screen phone me, my two-week-old Nokia N900 completely delete would attract?

The nexus-one is a beautiful phone.Zeitraum.Es feels expensive - contrast, that to the N900 which is just as high-quality plastic to most - and HTC a large work with has done the look and feel. The front and the pages are some kind of metallic plastic mix while the rear cover is feeling a rubbery (but cheap rubber). It is to launch super thin and well built.
The touch screen is a large WVGA (800 × 480) 3.7″-AMOLED display and quite simply sees everything excellent darauf.Ich, however, admit that I am not a big fan of the nexus of one's capacitive touch screen. Very finicky - sometimes receive tap on the screen are futile while the phone completely ignored. It is not common occur, an unpleasant. Say what you will but I had to deal with more resistiv window because I think as my fingernail taps far more correct somewhat less sensitive to the N900.
The complaint also covers the virtual keyboard I found less than satisfactory. I have entered 90% of the words on this phone, probably incorrectly.I could not just get it and it was more a hindrance than a help. And the on-screen keyboard in the portrait? also you not me started.
Other issues with the phone hardware are fairly minor: extend the camera lens a little from the back of the phone and you are probably at the end of accidentally it cover several times as habe.Die trackball in general except for the times if I edit text (I could not to insert the cursor in any text with a precision apparently) had also useful. The speaker was loud could - have, above all, because it is the sound with the back of the phone when the phone is flat is muted. Some calls you, which definitely missed.
Finally, battery life was above average.I never really was sufficient in any danger of battery life, but keep in mind I was as I am still on at&T and the nexus one conveniently missing at & t's 850 / 1900 bands with EDGE instead of HSPA.
The latest version of the Android 2.1, is extremely easy to use and equally well suited for beginners and experts smartphone users. It is most super fast, stylish and intuitive.Zum at least. A nuisance: the nexus of one of the home screen, which does not support landscape mode. Not sound a Biggie right?Try it with the Google search widget without keyboard landscape: the devil close to impossible.
Because this a Google phone, there are a lot of integration with Google core platforms - Gmail, talk, maps, etc.The applications are pretty much what you would expect honest. Gmail works gut.Google talk works well. Cards works well, but I had not much use for it without a date type for my car.
One of the new features of that brings in the nexus one table is speech recognition or speech to text.Voice search worked surprisingly well recognize really basic Chinesisch.Das was cool.Realistic but not this appears a useful form, until we reach the point where you normally only can speak text of sprinkling in voice commands with speech to text messages and searches.(as in say, iron man)
What I really liked about the software was the little polishing the nexus one stand out from the competition.By things like a running list of functions which use most battery that last time since the free passed (why not every phone has), live means wallpaper, the and even the factory reset, what actually like a factory reset and completely removes all traces of their information (unfortunately your applications with it).Super smooth kinetic scrolling everywhere was a cherry on top.
As for multi-tasking, well, I still get not diese.Ich have really no idea what applications at any time are open.It is actually somewhat annoying.Can this but with some third-party applications (advanced task killer) fix.It seems only type one strange that an external application would need to do so.
There is also no multi touch, which I am sure I will say a number of people at many levels in verstoßen.Anreise from which nothing with multi-telecommunications networks less telephones can that I it really vermisst.Eine review by the Engadget review made a good point though - the lack of multi touch is certainly violated gaming opportunities for your phone.
Compare the nexus one to the N900
The nexus one has a lot for it gehen.Es is faster and has a much better interface than the N900.Es a hell of many more applications that Android app store as likely ever store on Nokia Ovi werden.Und yet... I am my N900 multi tasking is much more robust halten.Die keyboard is far more reliable and - may be the main reason - I think like me with my phone maemo-powered have more control.
Of course, is this thinking for jedermann.Es is a good chance, my priorities differ from Ihnen.Wenn you search for a good iPhone replacement, is there with the best ' em nexus One.Es could be even the next best to the iPhone.
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Now free Nokia: Ovi maps a "game changing move"

21 January 2010

A "secret" start event brought early today (a, many of us I sure idea was for a new handset) message that Nokia Ovi maps will be completely free. This is drive and navigation, Lonely Planet walk guides, the whole shebang. Free.And it is now verfügbar.Sweet.

It is a big step, but far from "Game changing", sure.Pessimists might say it is typical Nokia M.O.-something to offer the competition move and where Android maps - but it always nor a welcome gesture.

The new application is devices beschränkt.Sie available on Ovi maps and S60 also the latest of Nokia map loader can find it.

In the meantime N900 user unfortunately still have with the mockery living is the maemo version of Ovi cards an app that I have to say is one ever made of the most useless navigation tools.

Tags Ovi cards

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Brian j. Sayatovic writes: January 21, 2010 at 5: 28

I was excited to hear that, but unfortunately it is my phone abstürzt.Wenn I it run, my phone is ausgeschaltet.Ich uninstalling and reinstalling tried even, but every time, if I only run maps, the phone shuts off.

Nokia N900 Review: A Multi-Tasking Monster

Nokia's latest smartphone is also its most capable.
The Nokia N900 is the latest and greatest smartphone brought to you by the same folks that brought you the not-so-great N97. But the N900 isn’t cut from the same cloth: it has a snappy operating system, faster processor, and a nice collection of completely free apps. Will the N900 follow the same path as Nokia’s last smartphone? Or is it destined for something greater?
Full review inside.

At first glance, the N900 looks just like Nokia’s N97 smartphone. It’s big, heavy, and mostly plastic, but it’s also stylish and solid. No creaking here.
One potential issue lies with the N900’s landscape mode. The phone was meant to be (almost) exclusively used in landscape mode, and this is reflected in the N900’s button placements. The Power/On switch is located on the side of the phone, and the lock/unlock switch is on the bottom. It’s awkward, since most people (myself included) are used to one-handed phone operation.
The QWERTY keyboard is pretty much average, but it’s still a huge leap from the squishiness of the Nokia N97 keyboard. My main gripe is the button hardness – you have to push the keys harder than you’d expect. Because of this, it’s difficult to type quickly. The key placement isn’t horrible, but new users will have to get used to the space bar to the right of the M key, and the placement of the Symbol/Ctrl and Caps keys.
To be completely honest, the N900 phone hardware is really nothing amazing – there are other phones out there with better features. What really makes (or breaks) the N900 is the software.
The N900 runs Maemo 5, a Linux-based operating system. It’s the same OS that Nokia introduced with its line of internet tablets. This is good for two reasons: first, there’s a decent number of free apps available for Maemo (and potentially a lot more that can be ported over from other Linux-based OS’es). Second, it’s fast.
The flip side of things is that software for the N900 is limited only to the creativity of individual developers – developers who have no monetary incentives, because there’s no real app store at the current moment. But that also means that you won’t find fifty different (useless) fart apps for Maemo.
Maemo 5 has a slight learning curve, although nowhere near as complex as I originally thought in my N900 first impressions post. Give the phone a couple of hours, and you’ll be swiping through desktop views and flying through menus. It will, however, take you considerably longer to figure out the more advanced features (repositories, debian packages, X terminal, etc) of the OS.
Multi-tasking is where the N900 truly shines. At any given time, I’ll have 6-10 applications open – browser windows, IM/SMS boxes, notes app, games, etc – and the N900 handles everything flawlessly. Switching between different applications is as simple as hitting the icon in the top left corner, and then tapping on one of the application (real-time) snapshots. It’s quick enough and intuitive enough that I find myself naturally swapping back and forth when I find myself waiting for a web site to load, or downloading an app. Man, I love it.
And now I’d like to talk about some noteworthy (not necessarily for the better) applications:
I’d call the stock email client a mixed bag. While setting up accounts is easy as pie, grabbing emails from external accounts (Yahoo!, Gmail, etc) takes forever, and I still have never successfully managed to send any emails out – they remained stuck in the limbo known as the Outbox. Not really too robust.
I’d also like to see threaded emails a la Gmail.
Multiple Desktops
A little disappointing. Essentially, the multiple desktops/views feature allows you to put different shortcuts and widgets on each desktop, using finger swipes to navigate through each one. It’s like Mac OS X’s Spaces, but not as well-executed. Added shortcuts are missing text labels, icons do not snap to a grid (so lining up icons ends up being a bit of a chore for neat freaks), and there’s very few (useful) widgets. Case in point: the Google widget, which you’d assume to be a desktop search box, is actually just an oversized bookmark to Google Search.
Finally, threaded SMS and integration with Google Talk and other “popular” chat platforms! I was a little surprised that AIM wasn’t included in the list, but you can add that and several other platforms like Twitter, ICQ (does anyone even use ICQ anymore?) and MSN with a small addon from the repository. Very well done overall.
For the most part, I like the N900 browser. It’s based on Mozilla, renders pages perfectly fine, and is fast enough. The only thing that really bothers me are input textboxes, which sometimes require multiple taps in different spots to get working. Oh yeah, and you also can’t uninstall Nokia’s useless “Single sign-on for Ovi by Nokia” browser add-on.
Call Quality
As well as can be expected. I had no real problems hearing or being heard. I do wish the loudspeaker was a bit louder, though.
Prospective N900 buyers may want to note that there’s a microphone issue with a select number of N900s which pretty much cuts off all microphone recording (phone, video recording, etc) – so make sure you test this out first thing.
I’m happy to report that the speakers on the N900 are decent. And by decent, I mean closer on the scale to Nokia’s XpressMusic series than the Nseries line.
I also like the onboard media player. It played several DiVX videos right out of the box which was a welcome surprise. And if the stock player doesn’t float your boat, several alternatives such as Mplayer (and the Kmplayer GUI addon) are available in the repositories.
Battery Life
It’s hard to do a good battery test, and the best that I can say is that I barely made it through a day of battery life with heavy usage. With typical normal usage, however, you should not have a problem with the phone lasting the entire day.
One caveat, however: I’m on EDGE, which drains less battery than 3G. If you’re a heavy 3G user, I’d be willing to bet you’ll need to carry around a USB cable or charger.
Final Thoughts
The N900 is an impressive, well-thought out phone aimed at the power user crowd. What’s sad is that, with a couple of minor changes to the operating system, Nokia could’ve had a serious consumer hit on their hands. Instead, the N900 is destined to play second banana to the iPhone and the slew of new Android phones. It’s really too bad – for the price (roughly around $500 USD), you get a powerful smartphone that’s not only capable of everything (minus the fart apps), it’s capable of doing everything at the same time with ease. Multi-tasking at its best.
Random pet peeve: Nokia put a new kind of stock display protector on the N900, one that completely obscures everything beneath it. So if you’re buying a N900, make sure you get a screen protector too. I recommend Brando’s Ultra-Clear line.
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The N97

Instructions: Can only any on the Nokia N900

The final result jump to/FAQ for the Nokia N900.

Get on the Nokia N900 learning curve can be a long, arduous process. I am here to make things a little easier.Essentially this result jump to/FAQ is a collection of all the things I have learned that so far, so expect, more in the future to erhalten.Und if you have questions or suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments.

First things FirstGet Nokia N900 manual

Nokia has the N900 manual in PDF form available.

Do stuff in maemo 5Make of a call

You must phone application starten.Dies can occur in two ways:

1. Press the power button and select handset from the drop down menu.
2. Tap on the "Phone" icon in the menu (tap the link button twice, to get the standard application menu)

You can add a phone app link to all your desktops.

Switch to silent or airplane mode

Press the power button, and then click either silent or offline (airplane mode) .you can also tap the clock on your desktop, and then select profile to go to silence.

Change my ringtone or other tone settings

Fire up settings (in the main menu command available), and select Profile.Es is at the top right that most option.

Locking the screen

Lock the screen in three ways:

1. Using the hardware lock/unlock switch is located on the bottom of the phone
2. Press the power button and select lock screen and buttons
3. Press the button twice.

I prefer the third method because the lock switch in one is quite cumbersome on-site.

Switch to another application

The N900 is all about the Multitasking.Tippen just the application in the menu icon (links corner, top it is stacked icon with two fields above on the other) or press CTRL BACKSPACE on the Tastatur.Dies a list of current running Anwendungen.Tippen shows the application in the menu pane again, to access the main menu.

One change contact information

Believe it or not, you must find instead run the "contacts" application this from the telephone Anwendung.Sie in the main contacts app Befehl.Die can merge you phone and IM contacts.

Find my N900 IMEI and MAC address

Launch the settings application, and scroll all the way down to about Produkt.Sie version.Check see also phone firmware total memory available

Start the settings application and leaves you to Speicher.Durch tap button details give a breakdown of the sizes of the other file types.Change desktop theme or background

Tap to view on any desktop and keep for 2 seconds or tap anywhere on the screen and you the eingeblendet.Tippen then the gear icon, then tap the title bar of "desktop menu", to go to the "change background"and"themes" in the menu options.

You toggle switch Bluetooth

Tap on any desktop view on the clock status Bereich.Von here from you - and turn off Bluetooth, quickly navigate to the clock application, and disable or enable you the current Internet connection.

Enable the landscape/portrait sensor for phone calls

Start the application phone (button)

Blackberry 8310 Curve: be bold with premium functionality

Blackberry is a brand of Canadian manufacturer. It’s mainly products is only mobile phones. Blackberry handset is the glittery phone with all personality features. It is one of the most popular handset that gains popularity worldwide within a shorter time span. This brand is quite popular among business class people as it provides them all latest technology features and a very reliable customer base. In fact it offers more to their users than they ever thought of. It attracts business professionals as it favors the business world as it is very effective in surfing web and other web activities. Apart from this some Blackberry handsets offers you finger print safety mechanism so that one can store its important data in it without any worries. Similarly, Blackberry has introduced a new mobile phone in curve shape from its edges and named it as Blackberry 8310 Curve.

Blackberry 8310 Curve mobile phone has great looks as well as the advanced and awesome features. It has inbuilt 2mgea pixel camera with 5x zoom and flash. These surprising features enable their user to click one of the best quality pictures. It has the web browser feature in menu option; which offers the user can download songs, videos and games etc. This mobile also provides an instant message services like Google talk and Yahoo Messenger. This mobile also have awesome accessories like USB and Blue tooth devices which saves your monthly fee charges.

The other next features of this smart Blackberry 8310 Curve mobile phone are MP4 players, color display, speakerphone, and calendar, address book and voice dial etc. It also embedded with maps that are very useful for finding the information of geographical areas. It is not only helpful in personal and professional levels but also protects from the unhealthy situations. It has QWERTY keyboard that allows the user to be slightly conscious either by keeping the keyboard lock or setting of the passwords. It has another two quality features. It has 64 MB flash memory

Blackberry 8310 Curve has a shinny trackball navigator below the large 2.5 inches screen is extremely beautiful and attractive. If you find one of the best mobile phone for your closed ones, then just hit the market as soon as possible.

Xperia X10 camera samples

Rikard Skogberg at Sony Ericsson product blog has posted loads of pics taken with the X10 during his holidays.Click on the pics to view them full size. These pics show that the X10's camera is top notch! :)

Trisha in Different Styles

Different Styles of Trisha

Sony Ericsson’s New Technology, Project Capuchin, Bridges Java™ ME and Adobe® Flash Lite™

Sony Ericsson’s New Technology, Project Capuchin, Bridges Java™ ME and Adobe® Flash Lite™
30 April 2008
from Sony Ericsson Official Website)

Enables fast and clean user interface development for both graphical designers and code developers

Stockholm, Sweden â€" April 30, 2008 â€" Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication today announced plans to release a new technology that, for the first time, bridges the Abobe® Flash Liteâ„¢ and Java MEâ„¢ development platforms. The new technology and tools, referred to as Project Capuchin, make it possible to combine the richness of Flash Lite and Java ME technologies allowing developers to utilize the best attributes of both software stacks to create content-rich mobile applications. Sony Ericsson has plans to make the technology available during the second half of 2008 and will demonstrate Project Capuchin enabled applications at the JavaOne Developer Event in San Francisco, May 6 â€" 9, booth 718 in the Pavilion.

“Sony Ericsson is excited to introduce our new bridging technology to the global developer community as it further strengthens our relationship with this community and underscores our ongoing commitment to support an open, healthy and thriving mobile ecosystem,” said Rikko Sakaguchi, SVP and Head of Portfolio and Proposition at Sony Ericsson. “We are dedicated to exploring opportunities that enable us to provide innovative and energized user experiences. To achieve this, we work with world class partners and technologies, on both platform and product development.”

Project Capuchin will provide developers with an intuitive tool to create applications with a cleaner user interface (UI) without sacrificing the strong, feature rich and widely deployed Java ME infrastructure, including secure, well-developed content distribution. Project Capuchin’s bridging software will empower two distinct developer communities to leverage their respective expertises to create the next generation of highly engaging and immersive mobile content.

“Adobe is pleased to support Sony Ericsson’s Project Capuchin. Using Adobe Flash technology as one part of this new bridging technology will ensure further innovation for mobile users when Flash developers gain access to the Java applications’ functionality and intelligence allowing them to create applications with the ultimate user experience,” said Gary Kovacs, general manager and vice president for Mobile and Devices at Adobe. “It is encouraging to see Sony Ericsson’s intention in making the technology available to the wider community.”

Project Capuchin will allow pure Flash Lite content to be encapsulated in Java ME applications with the help of Sony Ericsson Developer World tools, making content created by Adobe Flash technology appear as Java ME applications.

More advanced capabilities will allow Flash Lite technology to handle an entire presentation layer and make it possible to create Java ME applications where some or all UI components are defined in Flash.

Sony Ericsson gearing up for MWC 2010 seems Sony Ericsson is leaving no stone unturned to ensure a great presence at the Mobile World Congress starting Feb 15th, Barcelona,Spain. They've got a neat little page up on their official website with a very nice intro, really makes you go back to the good old days :) Lemme take you along, just follow the snaps.

Awesome isn't it? It feels great to be associated with a company which was and STILL is the pioneer in its field. With great devices such as the X10 and Vivaz in its stable, the future looks pretty promising. Can't wait for 15th can you?'s the Official Invite:

Well, all I can say is, Roll on MWC 2010!

Sony Ericsson Vivaz - Live pics, Video

Here are a few live pics of the Sony Ericsson Vivaz. It looks pretty good doesn't it? :)

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz is an Entertainment Unlimited smartphone running on the Symbian S60 operating system. What’s interesting is that it’s capable of recording HD videos. Other features include a 3.2-inch touchscreen.3.55 mm audio jack,Wi-Fi, GPS and an 8.1-megapixel camera.

View more live pics of the Sony Ericsson Vivaz 

Also, Rog at SE-First has just posted a hands-on video which is definetely worth a dekko.

Pics via: All About Phones

Samsung launches Corby Plus B3410 & Corby Pro B5310 in India

Samsung India, launches the Corby Plus B3410 & Corby Pro B5310 GSM Mobile phones. The two new handsets are fine tuned for social networking and targets youngsters. Facebook and Twitter are easily accessible on the mobile phone, making it an ideal handset for youngsters.

Samsung Corby Plus and Samsung Corby Pro GSM have touch screen interface. The CDMA version may soon be launched. The mobile phones are embedded with a list of enticing features as presented below.

Samsung Corby Plus B3410:
* It is equipped with a slider and QWERTY keyboard
* The phone weighs 113.7gm
* Embedded with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace
* Touchscreen with Touch Wiz user interface and Threaded Message Box
* Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, GPRS/WAP
* 2.6" inch (240×320 pixels) Touch Screen
* 2MP camera with 4x Digital Zoom and 3.5mm audio jack speaker phone
* 20 MB internal memory, Micro SD card slot (up to 8GB) expandable memory
* 960 mAh battery, up to 12 hours of Talk time
* Stereo FM Radio, Bluetooth v2.1, DNSe, Phone Book Entries: 1000, and SMS Memory: 700.
* The Samsung Corby Plus B3410 is priced at Rs. 10,500 /- in India.

Samsung Corby Pro B5310:

* It is a slider GSM Quad-band phone with QWERTY keyboard.
* It has a QVGA full Touch screen with 2.80 inches, 16 777 216 colors, TFT, and 240 x 320 pixels resolution.
* The 3.5G support data allows the download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and A-GPS.
* It sports 3.2 Mp camera with digital zoom and an additional camera for video calls.
* There is a built in memory of 100MB, internet (WAP 2.0, HTML), Bluetooth (2.1, Stereo Bluetooth), USB (microUSB), WiFi (802.11b/802.11g), Email, GPS, PIM, and phonebook. The phone lacks GPS and WiFi connectivity
* Samsung Corby Pro B5310 is priced at Rs. 13,900 /- in India.

LG's BL40 Chocolate TouchScreen Mobile Hits Indian Market

LG unveils its Christmas edition LG BL40. The latest entrant is making waves with a sleek long finish and a comfortably large wide screen display. The standard edition of the Chocolate range was released earlier, in red and black. The all new edition is showcased for the upcoming festive season.

The Christmas edition is slated for a 10th December launch in South Korea. The special edition will come in a glossy black finish. It would have an English alphabet etched in gold, across the rear which gives it an elegant look. Christmas edition LG BL40 will also include an 8 megapixel camera, instead of the 5 megapixel shooter seen in the standard edition. Understandably, features like Geo tagging capabilities with Smile and Blink detection is also allowed.

The LG BL40 Chocolate Christmas Edition is embedded with features that resemble the standard LG BL40 model with the exception of the classic paint job. The designer handset sports funky Gold accents atop its shiny black case.

The LG BL40 Features Are Under:

* a 4-inch scratch-resistant multi-touch display, sporting an 800 x 345 pixel resolution (21:9 aspect ratio)
* 3G with HSDPA, EDGE/GPRS and
* Wi-Fi with DLNA
* Bluetooth v2.1 A2DP, USB 2.0
* GPS with A-GPS support
* Audio player equipped with dolby mobile sound engine
* DivX and XviD video support
* 3.5mm earphone socket (according to video)
* MicroSD card which supports up to 32GB

The pricing of Christmas edition LG BL40, has not been officially announced.The standard edition is likely to be priced around the Rs. 30,000 /- mark.