blackberry curve 5800 gemini

blackberry curve 8520

blackberry curve 8520 gemini

blackberry curve 8520 its a new blackberry product to given you simple comunication and acces data.
blackberry curve 8520 gemini using GPRS class 10 and Wi-fi for data conection
blackberry gemini 8520 screen is 2.64 inchies with 2 megapixel camera (1600x1200) and enable 256 mb internal memory and support 16 gb microSD slot
other feature avaible for blackberry 8520

  • A-GPS
  • Mp3/aac/aac+ player
  • divx/xdiv/MPGE4/WMV player
  • blackberry map
  • organizer
  • voice dial
and using QWERTY keybord